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🌸DIY Flower Making Tutorial🌸

Hello everyone!😊 I’m currently in the process of finishing the second part of my Leaving Cert (it’s a state examination for those who don’t know), art project! And basically I’m making some colourful flowers as decoration for my 3D project and wanted to share with ye how to do it😌🌸 At first, this took me… Continue reading 🌸DIY Flower Making Tutorial🌸

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas🎄

Hello everyone! How are you doing?!😊 I cam’t believe it’s December already😍🎄 The time has flown!!🎁 Yesterday, most people around Ireland and some people around Europe, were watching The Late Late Toy Show✨🎁 which is a family tradition for most😍 I personally didn’t think it was as good as the other years, but enjoyed it… Continue reading It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas🎄

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👠My Black Shoe Collection👠

Hello everyone!😊 How have ye been keeping?😌 I’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks with exams and school projects😔🤓 At least this is my final year in school, hopefully I can spend more time blogging during my holidays and when I don’t have tests but at the moment, I am being continuously assessed until… Continue reading 👠My Black Shoe Collection👠

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❤️Black Clothes Favourites♠️

Hello everyone! How are ye doing?😊 I am currently freezing while typing this😫🌬 The days are getting darker and much colder here but I’m hoping that it will snow😍❄️☃️ As some of you might already know, I have an alternative style and the majority of my clothes are black♠️ I recently put a post up… Continue reading ❤️Black Clothes Favourites♠️

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❤️Paramore Concert, Summer Plans and Exams🌞

Good afternoon everyone🙆🏻🙈 After two stressful days of not being able to get presale tickets from Spotify, I AM SUPER HAPPY AND THANKFUL that I manged to get Paramore tickets on the last day of the sales, literally a couple minutes after they started❤️😍 If any of you listen to them, what’s your favourite song… Continue reading ❤️Paramore Concert, Summer Plans and Exams🌞

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👯Showtime & My Favourites💚

Hello everyone❤️  Sorry it has been a while since I’ve blogged, as you know, I have been training a lot lately and just finished my performances✨ It’s fair to say that everyone who took part is definitely missing it😪  The performance included actors, dancers, singers and musicians from all around the city and the daughters… Continue reading 👯Showtime & My Favourites💚

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❤️Korean Favourites🇰🇷

안녕!🤗 Hello! I am really excited to be making this post as the kast one I did was on Japan!🙈 –> Japan Favourites  By the way, unlike all my other blog posts, I have not taken the pictures myself (the posts on Japan and this one). My sources were Pinterest, Youtube, Yesstyle and I took a couple myself!… Continue reading ❤️Korean Favourites🇰🇷