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🍀Shrove Tuesday, Valentines Day❤️, Chinese New Year🎉

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all keeping well💕 My holiday is finally over which is quite depressing💔 and now I’m preparing for my orals exam which are coming up this week😔 Anyways, I had a really good break!! Shrove Tuesday🍀 Shrove tuesday was a few daya ago ( a day where we make crêpes!!) Not… Continue reading 🍀Shrove Tuesday, Valentines Day❤️, Chinese New Year🎉

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🍪Cookies In A Jar🍪

Hello everyone!! As a Christmas present from one of my bestfriends, I received this ‘cookie in a jar’ that she put together! I thought it was a cute and kind gift to give and I thought I’d share with you how it turns out and how it works!🍪 She also typed out some instructions!🤓 Although… Continue reading 🍪Cookies In A Jar🍪

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🍪Baking Galettes Bretonnes!🍪

Hello everyone! Today I made Glaettes Bretonnes! Galettes are a type of biscuit from France that are only sold in my hometown, in Bretagne🇫🇷 As I haven’t had them in a while and they aren’t sold anywhere  else, Ithought, why not bake them?! They reminded me of home and plus, they are SUPER YUMMY! I… Continue reading 🍪Baking Galettes Bretonnes!🍪