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🍀Shrove Tuesday, Valentines Day❤️, Chinese New Year🎉

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all keeping well💕 My holiday is finally over which is quite depressing💔 and now I’m preparing for my orals exam which are coming up this week😔 Anyways, I had a really good break!! Shrove Tuesday🍀 Shrove tuesday was a few daya ago ( a day where we make crêpes!!) Not… Continue reading 🍀Shrove Tuesday, Valentines Day❤️, Chinese New Year🎉

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Hong Kong: Day 13 – The Peak

Hello everyone❤️ Today I wanted to make another short photography post💛 I went up to the Peak (an area up within the mountains) so I could get a beautiful view of the city❤️ I must say, being there in person can’t be compared to the photos (sorry for the poor quality photos, I sent them… Continue reading Hong Kong: Day 13 – The Peak

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Hong Kong🇭🇰 Day 1: The Arrival

Hello everyone🤗 I have finally arrived in Hong Kong after a very long and tiring two days of travelling✈️ When I was back in Ireland, I would publish my posts in the evening at around 6pm-7pm but as I am now 7 hours ahead, I’m going to post these at random times- basically whenever I’m free💛… Continue reading Hong Kong🇭🇰 Day 1: The Arrival

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📷Landscapes from all around Ireland🇮🇪 

Good morning everyone🤗 I recently made a post on the nightlife in Ireland and I know that some of you wanted to see some landscapes! Ireland has many many manyyyy beautiful landscapes and I am lucky to have had the chance to see them! I hope you enjoy these photos I took🇮🇪📷🙆🏻 If you want… Continue reading 📷Landscapes from all around Ireland🇮🇪 

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🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday✨  I was going out for a late night drives and decided to put some of the photos together in a blog post! I wanted to capture the lighting used around different cities (some pictures might be more blurry than others due to being in a moving car, and some I took… Continue reading 🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷

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❤️✈️Travel favourites✨- London🌏✈️

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have had a busy time with school and study! After this blog post, I’ll be taking a little break from blogging as there are some things I need to deal with in my personal life but I hope to be back soon❤️✨ Even standing infront… Continue reading ❤️✈️Travel favourites✨- London🌏✈️