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💋My Daily Makeup Favourites💄

Hello everyone! I am soo annoyed as I just soend an hou wriitng this sot and IT CRASHED and deleted😪 so homestly I’ll be re-writing this psot in anger😣😡 Anyways, Happy SaintPatrick’s Day💚🇮🇪 I’m not going to the parade this year as I want to stay home and relax for the few days I luckily… Continue reading 💋My Daily Makeup Favourites💄

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🌸Maybelline and Rimmel London Favourites🌸

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you my Maybelline and Rimmel London Favourites🎉 I like to keep my makeup in this rose gold Rimmel makeup pouch! I was surprised to how much I could fit inside it! (Rosegold is my favourite colour!!) As you can see I am slightlyyy in love with this powder… Continue reading 🌸Maybelline and Rimmel London Favourites🌸