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👠My Black Shoe Collection👠

Hello everyone!😊 How have ye been keeping?😌 I’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks with exams and school projects😔🤓 At least this is my final year in school, hopefully I can spend more time blogging during my holidays and when I don’t have tests but at the moment, I am being continuously assessed until… Continue reading 👠My Black Shoe Collection👠

👗Fashion👠 · My favourites❤️

❤️Black Clothes Favourites♠️

Hello everyone! How are ye doing?😊 I am currently freezing while typing this😫🌬 The days are getting darker and much colder here but I’m hoping that it will snow😍❄️☃️ As some of you might already know, I have an alternative style and the majority of my clothes are black♠️ I recently put a post up… Continue reading ❤️Black Clothes Favourites♠️


👯Dance and workout clothes haul🏃‍♀️

Hello everyone!🙆🏻 I recently went to Cork for a day trip and with all the sales going on, I couldn’t help but buy some clothes for my workouts and dance🏃‍♀️👯 I found this top which was selling at €2 due to sales! It’s a size 8 (uk size) /4US size/36european. It was the only top… Continue reading 👯Dance and workout clothes haul🏃‍♀️