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💪🏻Training Journal: Dec. 28th -31st and Jan.1st -7th👯

Hello everyone!😌 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!✨🎉🎉 I wish all of ye a wonderful year, filled with happy memories and opportunities❤️ I’m starting a new blog series based on my training journal👯 I love journaling and stationary but I’m also in love with dance and exercise, so I though I’d combine the both!😌 This is the notebook… Continue reading 💪🏻Training Journal: Dec. 28th -31st and Jan.1st -7th👯

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🙈New WordPress Blog en Français✨

Hello everyone! I have decided to make a connected wordpress site to this one, called blogoceanefr . Basically, this is exactly the same as this site, but in French, for the French speakers!✈️🌎🇫🇷 The same contents will be more or likely posted on both sites!  Here’s a link to the site blogoceanefr Coucou tout le monde!🌸… Continue reading 🙈New WordPress Blog en Français✨

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🤓My Future Path?!💫 Travel🌍?! Injury?!🤒

Hello everyone!🌸 After a very busy week of school work, study and homework, I thought it was important to take a little break and blog!!📝 Maybe you’d like to know a little bit about my plans and news! My future path + injury I posted something a little while back mentioning wanting to get into… Continue reading 🤓My Future Path?!💫 Travel🌍?! Injury?!🤒

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry that it has been a while since I’ve blogged but I have been super busy with school lately! Even though last week was my first week back, my teachers have decided to give us so much homework (pray for me please!😂) Anywaysssss During the Summer, I decided to start scrapbooking. I… Continue reading ✨Scrapbooking!🌸

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Hello everyone!😊 One thing I really love about Summer is that my friends, family & I all have the time to write to eachother about what we have been up to during the year📝 I love writing and especially love writing letters, so often, my friends and family find themselves reading letters that are over… Continue reading 📝Letters❤️


✨Nomimated for the Liebster Award💫

Thank you so much @ sophiesamantha.wordpress.com for nominating me to do this!🌸 For those who don’t know what the Liebster Award is, it’s when a blogger gets nomimated (or nominates) other bloggers.  The blogger who is nominating asks 10 questions that the nominated blogger must answer!  Don’t forget to mention the nominator and nominate also😌💫… Continue reading ✨Nomimated for the Liebster Award💫