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📷Landscapes from all around Ireland🇮🇪 

Good morning everyone🤗 I recently made a post on the nightlife in Ireland and I know that some of you wanted to see some landscapes! Ireland has many many manyyyy beautiful landscapes and I am lucky to have had the chance to see them! I hope you enjoy these photos I took🇮🇪📷🙆🏻 If you want… Continue reading 📷Landscapes from all around Ireland🇮🇪 

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🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday✨  I was going out for a late night drives and decided to put some of the photos together in a blog post! I wanted to capture the lighting used around different cities (some pictures might be more blurry than others due to being in a moving car, and some I took… Continue reading 🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷

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🎻André Rieu🎼

Hello everyone!🙆🏻 Yesterday my mom and one of my bestfriends went up to Dublin (which was a very long two hour and a half car ride) to see one of our favourite musicians ,André Rieu!❤️ (And yes I did dye my hair blonde!!) We bought the tickets last year and it felt so surreal to… Continue reading 🎻André Rieu🎼

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☘Gaeilge☘ The Irish Language☘ Basics -1

Dia duit! Hello everyone!😊 Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about Irish and Ireland and teach you some new words and phrases☘ What language is spoken in Ireland? English is the language that everyone living in Ireland speaks, but Irish is a second language to most of us living in Ireland. When is… Continue reading ☘Gaeilge☘ The Irish Language☘ Basics -1

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☘Irish Basics 2! Gaeilge☘

Hello everyone! I had such a busy week I didn’t have time to blog! I hope you have a stress-free weekend!✨ I really want to carry on posting Irish blogs and was surprised to see how many people enjoyed my last one hihi☘🙈 Irish really isn’t the hardest to learn, so learning the basics should… Continue reading ☘Irish Basics 2! Gaeilge☘

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☘Travel to Ireland✈️ Connemara☘

Hello everyone!🙈 I know it’s no longer the Summer holidays but I still have posts to upload on some of my travels! Connemara is one of the most famous places in Ireland and it’s a definite must-go-to place!!! I 100% recommend going☘ The landscapes are beautiful! It felt so surreal to be surrounded by such… Continue reading ☘Travel to Ireland✈️ Connemara☘

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✈️Travel to Ireland, going to Craggaunowen☘

Hello everyone! Few days ago, my family and I went to Craggaunowen, and I must say I had wayyy more fun than I thought I was!  When we arrived in Craggaunowen, we had to walk to the gift/ticket shop and pay for our entry! What I really loked about the shop was that they had… Continue reading ✈️Travel to Ireland, going to Craggaunowen☘