Saudi Arabia Qualifying & Race Day March 27th/28th

Hi guys!!! How are you feeling after yesterday’s race day?? Just want to let you know that I wrote a newspaper article recently on the race in Abu Dhabi last year and the first race of this season in Bahrain! I’ll post the article here once it’s been published this week!😆 I also have a new F1 site but I thought I’d share this here too as I have a following❤

Today, I want to briefly discuss the events of the qualifying race & the actual race itself that took place yesterday and on Saturday in Saudi Arabia!

So let’s first discuss the qualifying, which took place on Saturday 27th!

Ferrari, to no surprise, lead a great performance in all three qualifying races, ultimately landing Perez in pole position, Leclerc and Verstappen in second and third.

One of the biggest and most surprising event that happened though, was Lewis Hamilton being out in Q1!! Leaving himself in the 16th starting position for Sunday’s race! This was Hamilton’s worst qualifying race since 2017 in Brazil!

Ontop of this, Mick Schumacher suffered from a serious crash which could have left him with serious injuries. Thankfully, he was okay and free of injuries, but the car was left in pieces. Watching the crash that happend during Q2 honestly a shock! The car was going at around 170mph when he crashed into a concrete barrier. For visual aspects (for those who didn’t watch it), the car basically broke in half. In no doubt did this leave financial consequences for team Haas.

Mick’s car being airlifted after the crash

On twitter, Schumacher posted this, letting everyone know that he was safe (thankfully)!

Onto the next day, racing day! Sunday 28th!

Haas announces that Mick wouldn’t be racing due the financial costs of the damage caused to his car from the crash the day before. It was too much of a risk to let Mick race (despite being in good form), in case of ending up in another crash and not having substantial car parts in order to race in Australia in the coming weeks. So this was already one driver down.

Yuki Tsunoda wasn’t even able to take paet in the race due to technical issues with his car, making it an already bad start for team…..

Two drivers down, and as we get into the race Ocon and Alonso argue (or essentially “battle” each other), trying to fight for their position above one another. Now, the F1 rules have changed this season, and it’s up to the drivers themselves to decide and initiate giving way to their teammates and fellow drivers, but it appears that Alonso is not one for co-operating. And honestly, Button, having driven with him back in his F1 racing days, implied that this was also Alonso’s nature…he won’t let anyone go past him. Even looking back at when Lewis and Alonso used to be teammates, the two did not get on.. (And I think Lewis is someone who respects all drivers).

Moving on from the moment of Alpine drama, due to further issues with the cars and incidents, even more drivers were out of the race, Ricciardo, Latifi, Alonso, Bottas and Albon!!! Altogether, making it 7 drivers who didn’t reach the finish line. What a race!

Ultimately, Verstappen ended up winning the race, with it being extremely tight between him an Leclerc, who came in second, and Sainz who came in third.

Hamilton came all the way in 10th place, one position under Haas, as Magnussen placed 9th!

Verstappen, 1st place

My personal thoughts on these two racing days:

•Ferrari engines are the way to go, and the cars without them are clearly struggling this season

•I really want McLaren to do well, particularly Ricciardo, but he isn’t one with the car, and I don’t think he’ll be in the top ten anytime soon (although I’d like to be proven wrong)

•Verstappen only won the race because of the safety car!!!! Otherwise, Leclerc would have definitely won the race

•This track is way too controversial and it’s probably best to avoid it for the future races

•Haas made the right call to not let Mick race after the qualifying disaster.

•I had high expectations for Lewis but it seems that his car is letting his performance down, curious to see how he’ll place in the future races

•Haas are performing at their best since a veryyyy long time, super happy Magnussen placed 9th and earned some points!

Did you watch the qualifying & race?
Are you happy with the overall results?

F1 Blog Site You can check out this post on my new blog site for all things F1 🙂

Thanks for reading❤

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