Jeju Island Adventures #2 🌋 Jeju Hallabongs🍊& Dol Hareubangs

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well!😊 Today’s post is part of my Jeju Island Adventures! If you haven’t read my previous Jeju Island post, you can find it here! Jeju Island Adventures #1 Waterfalls

Everywhere around Jeju Island you’ll see stone statues of various heights! These are called “Dol hareubangs” or 돌 하르방 in Korean! “돌” meaning stone and “하르방” meaning grandfather!

돌 하르방

These statues are considered as potectors, warding off demons and evil spirits. They are carved out of volacanic rock (Jeju Island is a volcanic island). The Dol Hareubang in the picture above was taken outside of a museum. It’s the tallest one I had ever seen!!😆

Me & the very tall 돌 하르방

For reference of size, this is a photo of me next to another large one (although I think the other one was slightly taller)! I’ll upload of photos of the average size that they usually are, and they are much much smaller!🤣

Due to Covid, these statues are often seen with masks on them🤣

Massive Dol hareubang sculpture!
These ones are so cute!

The Dol Hareubangs from the two photos above, are definitely my favourites! I love the flower crowns on them, the whole atmosphere is very tropical! I took this on the way to seeing one of Jeju’s famous waterfalls! Jeju Island Waterfalls

I love how each statue has something unique/different about them!😊 In one of the museums, there were a bunch of tiny ones!

I bought an even tinier version at the famous 서문시장 Seonmun Market! (Which I’ll now discuss). Do you have a favourite 돌 하르방 from the photos above?😊

As I just mentioned, 서문시장 is a very well known market in Jeju! They sell wonderful products from the island! Aside from green trea, Jeju is known for their hallabong tangerines! The market is FULL of hallabong products and you can find hallabong trees all around the island!

Jeju Island is too beautiful!

I really love markets, and I was definitely not disappointed when I went to 서문시장! There were a lot of food stalls and gifts shops, and it was very busy!

황금향 (type of mandarin)🍊

You can buy an array of orange, tangerine & mandarin products! Such as chocolates, candy, drinks, biscuits, dried fruit etc! I bought a box of dried sliced hallabong and it was 너무 맛있어요! (Very delicious!🍊😀)

Cute kitty and yummy snacks😆
Hallabong Juice! 한라봉주스!

There was a great juice “stall” selling different kinds of mandarin & tangerine juices! It was affordable and given in a 돌 하르방 bottle (which I still have😂) so I was VERY happy! It was freshly juiced as well!🍊😆

The cutest tangerine hat?!🍊

As well as tangerine/mandarin/orange foods, you can get a bunch of themed items as well, ranging from hats to umbrellas, bags to keyrings etc!😀 And yes I did…. I did buy this hat!😂 It was too cute and I loved it when I first saw it! I contemplated on buying it for the week I was there, and finally I did! (I had also wanted one for months because one of my friend’s nephew had one hehe)

If you’re traveling around Korea, or even anywhere around Asia (or in general hehe😆), I really recommend visiting Jeju Island! Especially Seomun Market! & I guarantee you’ll see plenty of Dol Hareubangs around😉

Thank you guys for reading this blog post!😀🌋🍊 I hope you enjoyed it!

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