Jeju Island Adventures🌋🍊 Waterfalls🏞🥥

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing well!😊

I’ve finally (and unfortunately) left Korea😢 I had the most amazing year there, and everyday I’m missing it! I’ve made an incredible amount of memories, with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I know I’ve made some true friends for life and I can’t wait to go back. I still have plenty of Korea-related blog posts to write about, so even though I’m back home, I will carry on posting Korea-related content😊 Since I speak Korean, would you guys be interested in Korean language posts too? (Teaching the basics of the language etc?)😊

Not too long ago, some friends of mine and I went to Jeju Island for a holiday! It has been a dream of mine for ages to go to Jeju, and it was one of the highlights of my Korea adventure! Jeju Island (제주도) is a volcanic island🌋 It looks super tropical and is well known for their oranges, water sports, landscapes, markets and much more😊

The flight from Busan to Jeju was quite short, it was less than an hour (around 40 mins maybe!). The airport was beautiful! We were greeted with a photogenic Hello Jeju sign and palm trees and orange trees by the exit of the airport!

After we dropped our luggage at our hotel, we went to a really interesting museum and made plans for the rest of our stay. We really wanted to visit some of the waterfalls, since Jeju Island is well known for having beautiful ones!

The best drink I’ve ever had😂🧉🥥

Before visiting one of the waterfalls, we stopped by a very tropical looking café. The place was so vibrant and colourful! I swear this was the BEST drink that I’ve ever had😂 It was super fresh and I LOVE anything coconut flavoured 🥥

Next, we headed to Cheonjiyeon Falls, 천제연폭포🏞

천제연폭포 Cheonjiyeon Falls

The area is so so beautiful😍 The water was a pretty aquamarine colour, and the waterfall itself was stunning. The only downsides to this place was that we had to stand in a queue to take a photo, we weren’t able to swim, and we had to pay to enter (although it is very cheap). Whereas the other waterfalls in Jeju allowed us to swim and there was no queuing or payment needed.

There were also shops around the area and some walking trails😊 Not to mention a lot of Dol hareubangs (tall stone statues from Jeju Island).

원앙폭포 Wonang Falls

Another waterfall we went to (on another day), was Wonang Falls (원앙폭포).

The water was also clear and blue, there were people swimming and plenty of rocks to climb on. I had a really great time here, but the water was freezing!😂🏞

I had such a great time at the waterfalls, it was so peaceful and I had great company. I’ve still so much left to show you guys, so I hope you enjoy these posts. If you’ve any questions about Korea or Jeju Island in particular, feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading!😊

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