Veganism/vegetarianism in Korea🌱🇰🇷

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing?😊

I thought I would do a post on some of my favourite vegan foods and meals!🌱 Some of you might already know this, but I have been living in Korea over the past year, and if you didn’t know already, it’s really difficult being a vegan in Korea, or even a vegetarian. I wasn’t so surprised by this though, being Chinese, I knew that veganism was an unlikely lifestyle. I thought I would make a post on some of the best places to enjoy vegan food in Korea, or some of my favourite foods in Korea that are vegan😊

When I first came to Korea, it was a struggle to stick to that diet (just to be clear it’s not for health reasons, but because I care deeply for the environment and animals), and anyways, I ended up taking a tiny break from the veganism (for complicated Korea-related reasons). Unfortunately many other students who were vegan stopped due to difficulties as well. Especially since we had to pay for a minimum of 2 meals per day in our university cafeteria, and we never had any vegan options. Soon enough I couldn’t take it anymore, and tried my best to find vegan cafés, snacks and restaurants.

Anyways, for the majority of my stay, I was living in Busan, and there aren’t many options for vegans and vegetarians. Even if there’s no meat in the meals, then there would be a broth that came from meat, or the meals would contain dairy etc. Vegan food is also really expensive there as well. Luckily, I found some great korean meals which are great for vegetarians and vegans alike🌱🇰🇷

Tofu wrap, hummus dip with toast and thai green curry💚

Unfortunately this restaurant doesn’t exist in Busan, so I’ve only been to this restaurant chain in Seoul! This is my favourite vegan restaurant, called Plant Kitchen!

Of course the restaurant was full of plants🤣🌱 (This photo was taken at the Itaewon branch).

The Thai green curry was personally always my favourite!😍 They serve all sorts of meals from salads to wraps, from burgers to curries, from desserts to drinks!😊

When I did eat something outside of my regular order😂 I chose this sandwich! It was nice, but it looked so much like meat that it kind of put me off😂

I definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re ever in Seoul though! I’ll leave the link to their site here! Plant Café

Eat Drink Vegan in Busan

This next place is called ‘Eat Drink Vegan’! A lovely restaurant in Busan!

The restaurant was decorated nicely, and the woman working there was the sweetest!😊

Salad bowl with hummus

Here, I enjoyed a hummus salad with fresh lemonade and chocolate chip cookies! They have a variety of drinks and other meals such as burgers and desserts! I’ll leave some more information here! Eat Drink Vegan

There was another nice vegan café I went to ageees back but I couldn’t find the photos I took of the place. They had a large variety of breads and desserts though! As well as drinks.. It’s just a shame I can’t remember what the place was called😟

Next, some delicious Korean foods that are vegan!😊

One of my favourite foods ever!!! is tteok! Korean rice cake! I can’t explain how good it is! The rice cakes are chewy and this particular photo is of fried tteok rolled in seasoning!😍 You can also have 떡볶이 (tteokbokki) which is rice cake in a spicy sauce, which you can also hav a vegan version of!

Tornado Potatoes (회오리 감자)🌪🥔

Tornado potatoes are one of my favorite snacks! It’s a very popular street food in Korea! It’s basically fried “sliced”, potatoe twisted on a stick, with seasoning! I definitely recommend these😍

Vegan Burger from Lotteria

To be honest, I’m not a fan of burgers at all🥲 but I know most people are, so for those who want to have vegan burgers, Lotteria (a large and popular fast food chain in Korea), offer a few vegan ones! It’s rare to find vegan food in fast food chains in Korea, so I was impressed to see this! This burger was good though!😁

Kimbap 김밥 is another great Korean food which is vegan! It’s essentially a vegan version of sushi!

As for cafés, it’s most likely that they don’t have an array of milk alternatives ready at the counter for you, but there are plenty of ades and teas in Korean cafés that are completely safe for vegans!😊 So no-one will be dehydrated😆 Peach ice tea is one of the most popular drinks in Korea!

It’s slightly easier for vegetarians than it is for vegans in Korea, because vegetarians can easily go to the best ramen restaurants or have great Korean dishes that don’t include meat, although including some sort of dairy (noodles etc). But if you’re vegetarian, there are meals such as bibimbap (비빔밮) that you can have (rice with colourful vegetables, gochujang and egg), mandu 만두, which are vegetable dumplings. And on the note of dumplings, I came across vegan dumplings in one of the Korean supermarkets (Supermarket in NC Department Store). So if anyone wants to cook vegan dumplings at home you can try these!

Honestly, these were the only vegan dumplings I’ve seen in Korea!🤣 Hopefully there will be more options for vegans and vegetarians as time goes on… And also, Koreans don’t consider seafood as meat! So just be careful if you’re asking someone if they can make a vegetarian/vegan version of a meal, because they’ll keep the seafood in!

Currently, I eat vegan rice dishes a lot of the time, or anything with vegan falafels or vegan Quorn products😊 Also, these Korean meals aren’t just for veggie eaters, but these are meals that everyone could enjoy😆

Are any of you guys vegan or vegetarian? If so, what are your favourite meals or products?

Thanks for reading!😊

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