Dinosaur Sand Festival🦕🦖⛱

Hello everyone!!! I hope you are doing well!☺ Today’s post is about the Haeundae dinosaur sand festival!🦕🦖⛱

In Haeundae, one of my favourite beaches in Busan, is the dinosaur sand festival, where there are sand sculptures (in the shape of dinosaurs)😆. There are also other events that take place such as treasure hunts etc but I didn’t attend these!

Flower sculptures were also placed on the main street of Haeundae for this event too!☺

The sculptures were so well made and so cute!😊 The Good Dino and the Burger Saurus are definitely my favourites!😊 I’m surprised that the sculptures have been able to last! It had rained since they have been built🤣

We then went to the food market stalls and got one of my favourite street foods!

After the beach, we went to another area to go to a buffet! One of my other friend’s recommended me this place so we were excited to go!😊 They had a lot of different options, you could basically get anything there! Since I’m vegetarian I stuck to vegetables and veggie pizza!😆 Still great nonetheless😂 The dessert was the best part though! There was a waffle making bar, with waffle makers and all sorts of toppings! I would go back just for this😂😂

Sugar Galore😂😂

Do you have any sand sculptures on your beaches? Do you enjoy buffets?😆

I had a really great time this day and I love how there are always different events going on at Haeundae beach! Especially since it’s summer time and the weather is getting quite hot (30°c even just in the morning), the beach is really busy!😌

Thank you for reading☺ I hope you enjoyed this post!

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