Seoul Adventures #4 Lunar New Year

*edit* I just realised this blog post was sitting in my drafts even though I had it scheduled to upload months ago😭😭* Sorry about this!😂 It’s still an interesting blog post so I will upload it nevertheless!

Hello everyone! 恭喜發財🥳 To those who celebrated and are celebrating the new year, I hope you had and are having a great time celebrating😊

The Lunar New Year is one of my favourite times of the year to celebrate! I had wanted to go to Hong Kong this year to celebrate it with my family (I’m Chinese for new readers wondering), but due to covid, this was not possible😭😭 But I wasn’t going to let this affect the celebration and I made plans with one of my friends to celebrate it! It was my first time celebrating the Lunar new year in Korea, so it also nice to celebrate 설날 (Korean new year) as well😊

So, I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁) at around midday! I wasn’t expecting it to be as busy as it was but it gave a really nice atmosphere😄 You could dress up in traditional Korean clothing such as hanboks! The girls wearing them looked absolutely beautiful! I loved seeing the different colours everyone chose. And of course- the men looked great in their traditional attire as well! (There’s also no entry fee if you come dressed up in a Hanbok, but the tickets are only 3,000 won so it’s affordable!).

Palace Guards

This is what the entrance to the palace looked like!😊 I loved the outfits the guards were wearing! Every hour (it seemed to have been every hour), there was the changing of the guards which was cool! There was music and you could see lines of guards marching😄

I didn’t want to disturb the guards by taking photos next to them without them being able to give consent, especially during covid, so I just took a photo from behind🤣

Beautiful traditional korean clothing

I love the colours and architecture of these buildings! Especially the flower image at the end of the roof beams!

I really liked this building in particular because it hasn’t been decorated, and I always prefer “plain dark wood” to wood that has been painted and/or decorated. (All buildings are stunning nevertheless!)

I really loved the mountain scenery! I felt every tempted to climb it, although I’m sure my legs are thanking me that I didn’t🤣

One of my favourite trees

I would love to have trees like this in my garden, I just think they are so beautiful! Before I was able to even take a photo of it, there was a man doing photoshoots with it🤣😆

The next time I come here I will definitely rent out a hanbok!😄 It’s hard for me to believe the amount of history that had happened between these palace walls but it was super interesting to see the layout of things. I definitely recommend going to Gyeongbokgung Palace if you’re ever in Seoul!

After the palace, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Myeongdong and it was greattt!😍 Then we went down one of the main streets where all the food stalls were and got some treats!

호떡 is my FAVOURITEEEE Korean dessert hehe (Korean pancake). It’s amazing honestly!

I had such a good day celebrating the lunar new year and I hope you guys did too!😆 Thanks for reading guys! 大吉大利❤

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