🌸Cherry Blossom Festival🌸

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well!☺ This post will be about the Cherry Blossom Festival that was back in March! I’ve a bit of catching up to do with my blog posts, so, I’m sorry if some of my posts are about events that happened a while ago!

In March, the cherry blossoms were bloomed and they were beautiful! Unfortunately the season doesn’t last for too long, so I had to go to the cherry blossom festival while I had the chance😆🌸

A couple of my friends and I decided to go to 삼락 (Samnak) for it! There are plenty of different areas you can go to for the cherry blossoms but I thought this was a particular beautiful area!🌸

Prior to the blossom festival, I had bought faux cherry blossom branches from Daiso and I thought it would be a cure idea to cut off some of the flowers and put them in my hair☺

When we walked out the exit from the subway station, we had to cross a bridge and it looked over all the cherry blossom trees. The view was beautiful and there were so many people taking photos☺🌸

Now I will show some photos I took of the cherry blossom trees!

As you can see, the cherry blossoms are so pretty😍 Thankfully the weather and atmosphere were great as well!😊

I had also gone to another area on another day, that was known to have pretty cafés with the view of cherry blossom trees!😊

초코 라떼/chocolate latte

I really enjoyed the cherry blossom season!🥰🌸 If you are ever in Korea, I highly recommend going to these cherry blossom festivals and visiting the cafés that face the trees!☺

What is the cherry blossom season like in your country?

Thank you for reading this post!☺


  1. Very jealous! The cherry blossoms look so pretty. I love when the trees around me blossom in spring but I feel like you only get a few days to enjoy them before there’s a non stop strong, storm winds and until all the blossoms end up on the ground. Typical Ireland!

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