Samgwangsa (Temple)☸ 삼광사!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well😊 It was recently Buddha’s birthday, which is a national holiday here in Korea! Samgwangsa is such a beautiful place filled with colourful lanterns and statues!☺🎐Here are some photos I took!😊

When we got off the bus (we got a subway then a bus to the temple), we were honestly amazed by the view! It looks beautiful on camera, so imagine how much prettier it looked in person!😍 It was so colourful!

There were colourful lanterns all around the steps that lead towards the temple☺🎐

On of the walls at the temple, were different plaques going alongside the wall with different messages. This particular plaque stood out to me and I really liked the message.
~우리 행복하게 살아가세. 원한 믾은 사람들 속에서 원한 없이 미워하는 사람들 속에서 미움 없이 우리 진정 우리 행복하게 살아가세~
(If you’re wondering why I have blue eyes all of a sudden, it’s because they are contacts)

I love how colourful the lanterns are😍😍

There were lanterns in different shapes as well😊 I wish I could have bought miniature versions as a keepsake😆😂

There were also trails you could walk on!😆

There were also plenty of beautiful animal statues
When it gets dark, the lanterns turn on😍

I really recommend going to this temple! It’s beautiful and full of lanterns and colours!😍🎐

Thank you guys for reading!☺ As I haven’t blogged in a while, I still have some posts I need to upload on events that happened a while back (such as Lunar New Year, Cherry Blossom Festival etc). I will post these blogs soon, and then my posts will carry on being back on track!😊

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