Seoul Adventures #3 The Olympic Park

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping well! This Seoul Adventures post will be on The Olympic Park! I was super excited to go as I’m quite the Olympics fan hehe! My next goal is to go to Pyeongchang, as the winter Olympics are my absolute favourite!😊

I took the subway to Mongchontoseong station (몽촌토성), and I was basically there once I walked out of the exit! The weather was lovely and I wasn’t expecting the area to be busy, but there were so many people! I think it’s the busiest I’ve seen Seoul been since I’ve been here (apart from Lunar New Year! ).

When you get out of the exit (the 몽촌토성 station will have signs), this is what I first saw and I can’t express how excited I felt! I really wish I could take part in the Olympic games🤣🤣

The area was packed with families having picnics, kite flying and children playing sport! It was such a nice atmosphere😊

There was a massive free space (plaza?) where flags from all around the world were placed. Families sat around the free space, and there were some cafés and a small convenience store! I really liked the flags and I think it gave a nice feeling of unity.

On the wall, behind where the flags were placed, were names of the athletes carved into the wall, with their sport and year.

Olympic Sculpture Park

I went for a long walk, there are different paths you can take but I didn’t do the entire walk and hike as I had to meet friends in Itaewon that evening! I spent a good few hours at the Olympic Park and still didn’t manage to walk everything, that’s how big it is🤣 There was an area full of Olympic sculptures!

After walking around the Olympic Sculpture Park and chose a path to to down, I really felt how busy it was! It was cute seeing the children have so much fun with their families!😊

I know the second photo looks like it’s been photoshopped as it looks see through, but it honestly isn’t🤣 I had actually seen this building online before before TLOTR fans thought it looked like the Suaron Tower! As a massive fan of The Lord of The Rings, I was super happy (low key fangirling) when I saw the building on my walk🤣🤣

Olympic Swimming Pool

I also passed by the Olympic swimming pool!

I found a quiet spot after a couple hours of walking and took some time to write some poetry and just relaxed before heading to Itaewon😊 (It took around 50 mins for me to get to Itaewon from the Olympic Park). Overall, I had a lovely and relaxing time at the Olympic Park!

Plant Café Itaewon

When I arrived in Itaewon, I met up with some of my friends and we went to Plant Café, a vegan restaurant! I really loved this place and each time I got the same thing because it was that good! (Thai green curry)

After Itaewon, I headed back to Myeongdong!😊

I hope you enjoyed reading the third post in the Seoul Adventures series! Are you a fan of the Olympic games?


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