Haeundae Beach

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well!😊 Today’s post is going to be about Haeundae Beach! One of my favourite beaches in Busan!😊

What I really love about this beach is how much space there is! How soft the sand is and how pretty the sea is. I love the mixture of having a beachy atmosphere and then having the city right behind me!

It’s funny but interesting and different to have skyscrapers next to the beach🤣 but I love how Busan has that mixture of everything😊

This little street here is full of little stalls to eat seafood!

Haeundae beach is such a nice area at night😍 All the lights are on, it’s so much calmer and it’s great to relax and look out at the sea!😊

At night, the street fountains light up and they “move” to the beat of the music that it’s playing. It’s pretty fun!😊

Korea is very well known for the 노래방 (karaoke), and while there are karaoke places everywhere, my favourite place to do it is in Haeundae! It’s super fun, the songs are updated regularly so you can sing the new songs that have come out in Korea and it’s affordable!😊

There are many food places to eat here as well, but most of them are expensive as this is a “rich” area! But there are places I can recommend such as Out dark! If you split the bill between friends, it’s affordable enough!🤣😊

By the beach, there is also a nice outdoor market and aquarium!

When I first visited this beach, there was a movie or a k-drama being filmed on it! It was my first time seeing the behind the scenes of a k-drama/k-movie production! It was super exciting and I got noticed by the main actor (even though I’ve no idea who he was😂)

Haeundae beach is one beach amongst mannnnyyy in Busan but this is definitely one of my favourites! From shops to restaurants, the beach and markets, there is plenty to do in Haeundae that will keep you occupied!😊

Thank you guys for reading!😊 Stay safe and healthy!😊

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