Seoul Adventures #2

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! For blog post 2 of the Seoul adventure series, this time it’s about COEX Mall! This will be a short post but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!😊

I took this photo “in” COEX Mall, this was an outside area in the mall which I really liked! You could access some of the shops by going through the entrance on this outside area, or through the inside of the mall! My friend and I were traveling from two different areas, I was coming from 명동 and she was coming from 경기도. We took the subway to get there but as we came from different areas, we arrived at different stations, which led us to different entrances to the mall. It took us nearly one hour for us to find each other🤣🤣 so it’s safe to say it was our first time at COEX!

I’m a fan of this k-group Everglow, so when I saw their images on the columns of the mall, I had to take a photo!😂

Anyways, there was one main reason for me wanting to go to this mall, and this was for Starfield Library! I was ridiculously excited to go, I love anything to do with books and literature, so this place was pure heaven for me!😍


The bookshelves were massive! I wish I had a library like this at home🤣😍 and it’s not just for show, you can read the books!😊

I can’t even count how many photos my friend and I took here!🤣 I can’t wait to go back! I do wish it was also a book shop though! But Korea has some amazing book stores!😍

This place looked even better when it was getting darker outside as the lights were turned on!😍 I think the lights really added to the atmosphere😊

After the library, we took a look around at the clothes shops, book shops, had food and then we made our way to 이태원 (Itaewon), which I made a blog post about a few days ago!

There were many places to eat, and there was also a food court. The place was super busy though, so most places had long queues! We ended up eating at a Vietnamese restaurant which I was excited about as I had never eaten in a Vietnamese restaurant before!

We ordered these Vietnamese rolls as a side dish, I had wanted to try these for YEARS, no exaggeration🤣

Afterwards, we got bubble tea (which is one of my favourite drinks of all time!!?)😍 My friend got a milk tea with black tapioca pearls, and I got a mint chocolate bubble tea with the same pearls as she did😊 I could drink bubble tea everyday and never get bored! Down the road from my university, there’s a really great bubble tea place, and as I’m writing this, I’m not really craving one!😅 Have you ever tried bubble tea?

As we made our way to the subway station to go to Itaewon, I couldn’t help but take some photos of the area around us. It was calm as the sun was setting😊

I recommend going to COEX Mall! Especially if you’re a fan of anything book related🤣 I feel like the library is a reason in itself to go to COEX Mall😂😁

Anyways, thanks for reading! Stay safe and stay healthy😊

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