Seoul Adventures #1

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well, especially during these times!

The past few months have been super busy for me, with final exams and the holidays.

The last time I uploaded a post, I was in Busan, but as I’m now on winter holidays, I’m enjoying my time in Seoul for the month, hoping to explore more of the area before my classes restart😊 How has everyone been doing?

The last time I was in Seoul was a couple of months ago, and I want to make a small Seoul series, with blog posts about what I had gotten up to when I was last there. As I’m currently in Seoul now, I will also make a Seoul series on what I’m currently doing too😊

Just a disclaimer* every country is experiencing the pandemic, but in a different way to each other, with different rules set and different cases. In Korea, at least where I am living long-term in Busan, the situation is being held under control. Therefore, cafés, restaurants, clubs, cinemas etc are open and were all open when I put blog posts or photos up😊. Schools and universities are open and running as normal as well. All my classes are in person. So if you are wondering about my Korea blog posts, and see photos of me in cafés or a club, rules are not being broken, it’s just that things in Korea are going on as “normal”. I wear my mask everywhere, I hand sanatise and we keep a distance between each other when we can.

The situation in Seoul now is slightly different to how it was when I was last here. So remember, these upcoming posts, are from my trip to Seoul a couple of months ago, not now! 🙂

Anyways, let’s get started!

One of my favourite areas in Seoul is 이태원😍 (Itaewon), and if any of you guys are into K-dramas, you’ll probably know of this area😉 It’s basically a city full of restaurants, bars, clubs and people of different cultures and nationalities. I don’t feel like I’m in Korea at all when I’m there, but the area is so bubbly and full of life!


The main street was full of people, full of lights and culture. It was honestly beautiful and very exciting, especially at night. The portrayal of this area from the famous K-Drama Itaewon Class (이태원 클리쓰) depicts this area perfectly (apart from all the drama that actually happens in this show🤣).

These big lights were hanging from one side of the street to another, and I thought it looked so colourful and fun😍 It really added to the atmosphere of 이태원!

Under the lights of Itaewon
Beautiful lantern lights

They had many other lights throughout the street and I thought these were stunning! They were like lantern lights😊

I was really happy to be able to visit Itaewon with one of my good friends! I had traveled up to Seoul to visit her after she moved from Busan!

There were restaurants that were serving food from all different cuisines and there were people everywhere that came from a different background. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. My friend and I ended up eating at a Mexican place🌮

Cute animal lights

The street is filled with areas that are great for fun photos😆 Many of the buildings will have fun lights and signs to take photos infront of! Other streets branching out from the main one, also have cute areas for photos! And in Korea, taking photos for Instagram is practically a hobby! I never go to a place and not see someone with a tripod🤣😆

A club at Itaewon

We ended our night by going to a big club in Itaewon. It was super fun! Although the atmosphere was very different to what I was used to in Busan. The crowd in Seoul were a bit older than me, a lot more foreigners were to be seen as the area is so culturally diverse😃 and they didn’t have a wide variety of drinks (not that I’m really a fan of alcohol anyways). It was a different experience, but a great one😊

If you ever find yourself in Seoul, I definitely recommend you to go to Itaewon! We only went there when it was the evening time until the following morning, because that’s when Itaewon is the most alive!🥰

Thank you for reading and I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy!


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