🏖Gwangalli Beach/광안리해수욕장🇰🇷

Hello everyone! I hope you are keeping well!😆

Gwangalli is one of my favourite areas and I had to share it with you!!! I took the subway near to my university and then when I arrived, we took a walk around the street area and there were the cutest shops!

Unicorn Frappe

First, we stopped by a cute café and got drinks to go! Usually I wouldn’t go for unicorn related things but I thought this drink looked fun so I went for it and it tasted really nice!😁🦄

Then, while walking further down the street towards the beach, we passed by and went into the cutest shops!!!

I bought so many cute and random things from these shops😂 such as cute keyrings, pins, heart-shaped sunglasses. One day I will do a haul post maybe of what I got!

We also passed by a large pink shop and everything inside was pink and cute😂

I thought the shop was cute and unique😆😆

Then, we finally arrived at the beach and I thought it was beautiful!

I thought it was cool yet funny how there were skyscrapers right next to a sand beach and the sea!😂🏖🏙 and I couldn’t wait to go there at night when the bridge would light up!

I went for a nice walk along the beach and wrote in the sand. I tried collecting some sea shells altho and then went for a meal in one of my favourite restaurants Outdark😍😍

After eating, it was dark outside, which was perfect because we wanted to see the bridge lit up!

The place was absolutely beautiful at night and it was so calming😍 It was funny seeing all the couples come out with their tripods taking photos together🤣 I can’t wait to go back! I definitely recommed coming here if you ever come to Korea!😁 There are also plenty of 노애방’s around the area if you’re into karaoke!😆

I hope you enjoyed this post on 광안리해수욕장😁

Thanks for reading!💋 Bel💃

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