🇰🇷Haedong Yonggung Temple/ 해동 용궁사🇰🇷

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping well! Today I want to show you guys one of my favourite and most beautiful areas, 해동 용궁사, or, Haedong Yonggung Temple!

To get here, I took the subway from my area to Haeundae beach and then got a bus from there to the temple! Also, if you’re esver going to visit a temple here, remember to wear appropriate clothing out of respect!😁

While I was walking through the entrance of the temple there were many statues everywhere but what caut my attention were these beautiful animals from the lunar calendar. Do you know what animal you are based on the lunar calendar?😁

Everything was beautiful! And if this wasn’t amazing enough, when I walked through and down some steep steps, I had a wonderful view of the sea and the temple!

After taking some pictures and enjoying the view, I went back up the steps and over the bridge.

By the bridge there was an area where you could throw coins and make a wish, and you had to try and get the coin to land in one of the basins! I did throw a coin but unfortunately it didn’t land in the basin🤣

I think the colours here are so beautiful and vibrant😍 There was an area where you could walk downstairs and there were candles lit. It was really beautiful.

There was also a massive gold buddha! The view from up there was amazing, honestly I could not believe it and I felt so lucky to be able to be there.

After looking at the stunning view for a good while, we walked back out of the temple and we got hotteok (호떡), which is a Korean pancake and it was delicious! And now I’m looking back at the photo, I’m really craving it now🤭😂😂


I also tried this unique dessert, it was marshmallow on the outside which was flames burned and it had strawberry icecream with cookies inside😆🍓🍦🍪 Personally, it was too sweet for me and I preferred the 호떡!

After eating, I left the temple and took the bus back to Haeundae beach and spent the rest of the evening there, but I will make another blog post on that area soon!😁

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I recommend that you come visit this temple if you ever travel to Korea!

Thanks for reading💋


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