🛫A Little Holiday in London Part 2🏙

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all safe and healthy❤

If you haven’t read the first part to this travel post, you can find it here! A Little Holiday in London part 1

Disclaimer: (I went to London a while back, this was before countries were in Lockdown and the widespread of the virus, I’m currently back home now isolating with my intermediate family.)

I thought it would be a nice idea to do a travel related post as most of us can’t go out and travel and I wanted to keep the travel inspiration going❤🛫


Carrying on from my previous travel post….

The next day:

I was really proud by how used to the underground system I got in a couple of days!😅 I started to know all the lines by heart, knowing which place went where and when to get off😅 although I did make a couple of mistakes here and there👀

We decided to focus less on shopping this day and wanted to do more sightseeing😊 We decided we would walk from our Hostel (which was around Elephant & Castle area) to London Bridge area, then go to Westminster, follwed by Buckingham Palace😊 I had so much fun, and looking back at these photos is making me miss London a lot😥

This was honestly one of my favourite areas in London and I wouldn’t mind living here in the future if I could ever afford it😅😁

The first thing we did was cross London Bridge and the view was beautiful😍

(This is my friend Peter and I on the bridge😂) We were really lucky to have such nice weather too😊

As we carried on walking, we could see Tower Bridge across from us, and personally I think it’s a much nicer bridge than The London one😂

The entire area is just stunning, it’s full of beautiful architecture and lovely with people😃

We passed by this cute restaurant where people were eating in these domes facing the River Thames😍

We eventually arrived at Tower Bridge😃

Here are some more photos I took on our walk😁

Isn’t the architecture stunning?!😍 There was a lovely boardwalk going all the way around and I could see myself going on runs there in the mornings, it just looks like such a lovely area😊

We ended up walking to an “outdoor shopping center” (I don’t really know how to describe it but it was an area full of shops outside but with a roof😂) by chance. I’ll insert photos here of it😅

There were a few restaurants there so we decided to go for Italian😊

I was so happy they had a selection of cannolis hihi🇮🇹

After that, we stopped by a souvenir shop and made our way to Westminster😊

Westminster was beautiful😍 but it was a shame that it was still under reconstruction/renovations so I couldn’t get photos of the entire ‘complete’ building, but it looked amazing nontheless😊

There wasn’t much to do in the area but we took a nice walk and sat on a bench (eating my cannolis😂) next to the riverside with a lovely view.

We could see the London Eye from there but we didn’t go on it🙂

After our chill time, we decided to make our way to Buckingham Palace😊

Unfortunately we didn’t see the Queen😂 but the area with the fountain was lovely😊

Afterwards, we went back to one of the underground stations for food, one of our new favourite places, Itsu.

I also really miss this place😭 In London Bridge Station (we went to so many underground stations it’s a bit confusing but I’m pretty sure it was London Bridge Station, correct me if I’m wrong😅) we went to a few shops, where I was so happy to see a Whittards shop which I’m 99% sure we don’t have in my home country😱😱 I bought really nice peanut butter hot chocolate powder and I’m currently all out of it and I’ve tried ordering it from Amazon but it doesn’t ship here💔 So I regret not buying one more😢

Not only do I love the fact there are shops and food places in the stations but also the art work😍

Words can’t express how much I miss London and I really can’t wait to go back😊

After our food and mini shopping, we made our way back to our hostel and relaxed. I was also fortunate to meet a really nice guy who was from California. We made great memories with the short time we had and luckily stayed in touch😊

Unfortunately the next day was our last day and we spent it traveling the entire day. It was especially a longer day for me because I wasn’t staying back in Cork (where our return flight was desitned), so I had hours more of traveling untik I got back home, but it was all worthit😊

We left our hostel in the morning and I said my dressed goodbye to the guy I met from California😢 and we made our way to the underground station to get our coach to the airport.

We ended up going back to Itsu in Gatwick airport (we were really happy when we discovered they had one there😂) but I was so stressed about our flight as the airport was so big and our gate was so far away😅 and as usual, I always get stopped and checked in the airport👀 I assume it’s because of my piercings but who knows😂

I couldn’t fit everything single detail of our trip but trust me when I said we did a lot and I’m quite proud actually, that we mananged to fit so much in a few days😂 Overall, I had an amazing trip and I know my friend did too😊

I hope you enjoyed this post😊 Let me know if you have been to London before or if you would like to go😊

Stay safe and healthy❤

Thanks for reading💕


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  1. Love these photos! London is such an amazing place, I love going there but it’s interesting because I never go to the tourist places like Buckingham Palace so it’s so interesting to read about the city from the perspective of a tourist, maybe next I go I’ll check out the palace :’)

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