🛫A Little Holiday in London (before the spread of Coronavirus & the lockdowns)🏙 Part 1

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all keeping safe and doing well😊 I went to London months ago and didn’t have the chance to make a blog post about it, but as traveling isn’t really a possibility for most people at the moment, I thought it would be nice to make a travel related post to keep the travel inspiration going😊❤

(Also, just a disclaimer, I went to London a while back, this was before countries were in Lockdown and the widespread of the virus, I’m currently back home now isolating with my intermediate family.)

I went to London with one of my best friends and honestly the trip was very spontaneous. Irish airlines always have a section for cheap flight offers and I had decided to check out what flights they had! It was by chance I ended up going at the same time of my birthday (I feel so old saying I’m now 20!😅😭). We went for four days which was actually the perfect amount! We have travelled together before and I enjoy travel planning so we knew we would get to do everything we wanted to during those days! I went to London before with my family when I was around 12, and loved it but it’s been so long since I’ve been, this experience was completely different😊!


So…here was how we got to our accommodation in London….

I was living in Cork city at the time so I got a lift from my friend’s mom to Cork Airport.

We flew from Cork Airport to Gatwick Airport! The flight was way shorter than we expected, it was only one hour!😮🛫

I had never been to Gatwick airport before (the last time I went to London, we arrived in Heathrow), so we got lost in the airport, it took us a while to find our way around, and it was stressful because we had a coach booked from the airport and we had no idea where to find it, as the airports in Ireland are probably 8 times smaller than the airports in London😂

After a lot of asking around, we finally found the coach station which was “below” the airport (if that makes any sense, its hard to explain😅)

But of course we had to have more stress put on us. I had booked the coach tickets from an Irish site, naturally, since we were flying from Ireland. And we were told they couldn’t accept our ticket and that we had to go to the coach office in the airport, to get it reprinted from an English site (it honestly made no sense to me, as I booked it from the airline site when I booked my plane ticket…) Anyways, it took a while for the tickets to be printed and the times were changed but eventually we got on okay!😅

We were told our trip would take a little bit over an hour, maybe an hour and a half at most, but it ended up taking over 2 hours😅We eventually arrived in Victoria Coach station, none of us had been there before and we thought it was the same place as where the underground trains go (Victoria station) but we were wrong😂 We don’t have that transportation system in Ireland, and our cities are much much smaller than London so as a tourist, it was ridiculously easy for us to get lost😂 Thankfully I had data so Google Maps was our saviour!

The area was quite lovely, it was so busy and lively, the architecture was beautiful, not to mention I absolutely love London accents😍

We got to Victora Station and the “train” area was actually connected to the shopping center, for us it was very exciting😂 The first shop we saw was Sainsbury’s, I was super excited to go to it as I love going to supermarkets that we don’t have at home😂 and I fell in love with this drink they sold there😍

I can’t tell you how many of those drinks I bought😅😅

Another cool shop we went to was called Hema, I think it was a Swedish shop, it was like The Flying Tiger but with better food, stationary and a makeup section😊

We also walked by a Pret which is my favourite place to go for lunch, it’s such a shame we don’t have that back at home😭

There were many other shops but we didn’t have the time to go to all of them as we had to sort out which underground line to take and how to get there.

After the shopping area, we had to go down the escalators to this really big free space with food places and links to the underground

I loved the atmosphere, something about seeing tourists really makes me happy😂

We were a bit stressed though because we had to figure out what type of ticket we wanted to buy and learn when you need to switch lines etc. Honestly, for a good while, I just asked people where to go, I assumed Londoners would know the best, especially if they’re used to the underground. And luckily we met so many kind people who took the time to explain how the lines work and where to go😊😊

My friend and I booked to stay in a hostel rather than a hotel to save money, and honestly we quite enjoy staying in hostels. The atmosphere is always lively and it feels much more like a “home” in a way, people were more connected and interactive with each other. There were “chill” rooms with couches where people gathered to talk and relax, a bar downstairs and a seating area for people to have meals and relax. I met great people and made great memories there😊

We booked a four-bed room as the 2 bed rooms were all booked, but it was no problem! Everyone was super kind and respectful, plus we were only there to sleep, everyone was out sightseeing during the day😊 I always like to sleep on the top bunk of bunk beds😂

Also, we had a really nice view from our window🏙

After we got settled into our room, we went out to explore the area. There was a Sainsubrys two minutes down the road from the hostel which was great😂 and loads of food places. Plus the hostel was a ten minutes walk away from the underground. We eventually ate in Nandos and went back to the hostel to chill😊

The next day:

We decided to make this primarily our shopping day. We planned to go to Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and any places around those areas, as well as Camden Town.

I loved Picadilly circus with the busy atmosphere, the amount of restaurants and shops, plus the large advertising screens🏙

We took a photo of a simplified map to help us give a basic overview of where we were😂

We went to China town in Leicester Square area and it was so pretty with all the Chinese lanterns from Chinese New Year😍

We also went to M&M World which was right around the corner😍 Honestly, it’s heaven!😍

And of course I couldn’t leave M&M world empty handed😂 I still have the M&M’s, I don’t know how it’s taken me so fricking long to eat them😅😅😅😅 It’s such a shame though that all the flavors are the same despite the different range of colours😢💔

We went to Forbidden Planet (I’ll insert a screenshot I took of where it is). It’s basically my favourite store ever!😅😍 and luckily it was in the middle of all the areas we were exploring (but on fairness, even if it was far away we would have gone because there was no way I couldn’t not go!😅)

(Also, if anyone is confused as to why some of my photos have things written in French but I’m saying I traveled from Ireland , it’s because I’m half French (& half Chinese) and I’m currently doing my uni studies in Ireland, so my settings on my phone aren’t in English, they’re in French😅)

I can’t explain how fricking happy I was to be in this shop😭 We spent over an hour in there and could have spent way more if we had the time😅 For those who don’t know what this shop is, it’s basically a massive store filled with memorabilia based on comics, movies and tv series. The second floor was full of comics, manga, books and games and the first floor was full of memoribilia (figures, objects etc). My friend ended up getting some game tags and I got a The Lord of The Rings collectable (of course I did) I’m way too obsessed with TLOTR😂 Also, that was just a small collage I made of some of the things I wanted but didn’t get😂 (Who wouldn’t want a Keanu Reeves book?!)

Anyways, after that, we went to… Pret A Manger😍

It was great and I miss it a lot, it’s a convenient place for a quick and affordable lunch😊

After that we went to the National Museum, I’m pretty sure its called. We didn’t go to every floor as we would have needed the entire day to be honest, the place was massive😅

There were different themes to each section, such as an African area, Korean area and Mummy area.

Here are some photos of some of my favourite parts!

Next time I’m in London, I’d definitely go back and spend more time there😊 Itswalso free entry which is great! Although it’s super busy so it’s difficult to take photos and also, the queue for the bathrooms are ridiculously long, the queues lead outside the area😅

After that, we took the underground to Camden Town! I had never been there but I had seen photos of Camden Market and it looked fun and unique. I honestly don’t know how we managed to pack so much into one day😅

All the shops had a unique exterior and it’s the perfect place to go shopping for alternative clothing/alternative fashion, so it was perfect for me😍 but unfortunately everyday way too expensive😅 but it was nice to look around regardless😊

After that, we got some food in Victoria Station as there was a food court upstairs😊

After that, we travelled back to our hostel and relaxed😊

I’m going to split this travel blog post into two and write about the rest of the trip in another post as this post is really long and I want it to be an easy and enjoyable read😅

I hope you enjoyed this post😊 Part 2 will be available tomorrow😊

Stay healthy and safe❤

Thanks for reading💕



  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time! M&M world looks AMAZING, I could wreak some havoc in there 🙌😂 I got my sister that Keanu Reeves book and surprised her with it last week 😏😂 I can’t wait to go back over to England and finally visit Camden market as I didn’t get to go last time I was visiting. Looking forward to part 2 of this! ✨ Take care 💕


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