🍪Making Snickerdoodles!😌

Hello everyone!😊

It’s fair to say it has been a while since I’ve last blogged…😅 After the Christmas holidays, I was super busy with university and I was making so many great memories and coming home late most days from gigs and comedy shows and basically any event that was on, I didn’t find the time to blog😅 I really just wanted to enjoy living in the moment. Unfortunately all those good times have been put on a hold due to Coronavirus, which is a shame, and I miss my friends and uni a lot, but I hope everyone is feeling good, that you are still managing to get fresh air and keeping in contact with friends and family and that everyone is keeping safe, those are the main things☺💕

Anyways, I’ve always wanted to make Snickerdoodles and I never got around to it, and now I have much more free time I thought it would be great to finally give it a shot! If you love cinnamon then this is the perfect biscuit for you!😊

Ingredients that you need:



Baking soda

Cream of Tartar

Vanilla essence





Rolos (You don’t need this if you don’t want it in your biscuits, roughly half my batch has them and the other half doesn’t)

I also pre-heated the oven before baking, so by the time I was done making the dough, I could put it straight in. I pretended the oven @160°c (for a fan oven, so for a non-fan oven it would be @180°c)


Flour- 2 3/4 cups (roughly around 340 grams)

Sugar- 4/5tbsp (for the cinnamon mixture)

Sugar- 1 1/2 cups (roughly 300 grams) (for the mixture)

Baking soda– 1tsp

Cream of Tartar- 2tsp

Vanilla essence- 1tsp

Salt- 1/2 tsp

Eggs- 2

Butter- 1 cup, softened

Cinnamon- 3 tablespoons

(Honestly, for the sugar to cinnamon mixture ratio, it’s really up to your own preference. Personally I prefer having a stronger cinnamon taste than a subtle one)


1: In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar and baking soda together.


2: In a second bowl, mix the sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla essence together. I recommend using an electric whisk if you have one. I made the mistake by using a spoon with harder butter, it was going nowhere so ultimately decided to use the electric whisk and it took no time at all😅


3: Put the butter mixture into the bowl woth the flour mixture and mix together


4: Make sure your baking tray is lined with baking paper so the dough doesn’t stick.

Mix the sugar and the cinnamon together in a small bowl or plate and form the dough into balls. The size can be up to you, I personally made “medium” sized balls, the average size of a profiterole I’d say!

I saw a photo on Pinterest of rolos being put in snickerdoodles and thought this was a great idea! I only had one pack so half my batch had a rolo in it and the other didn’t. Funnily enough, I ended up prefering the biscuits without the rolos as the caramel was a little too hard for my liking, but they were yummy regardless!😍

5: Flatten out a piece of dough and put a rolo in the middle and roll into a ball, then coat it with the cinnamon sugar😍 I swear these biscuits are delicious! Remember to leave enough space around each ball and that they don’t touch!


6: Put them in the oven and keep an eye on them (I look every 5mins, I find that it’s easier to take them out at the perfect time by looking at them rather than giving it an exact time- since all ovens are different, we might size our dough balls differently and some might prefer it longer than others in the oven.) Personally, I leave mine in the oven for around 15mins 🙂 they feel a little soft when they come right out of the oven but they solidify a little more once they cool down and due to the cream of tartar, the cookies are nice and chewy😊😍

Due to the size of my dough balls, they spread a lot in the oven, but it was fine, I just separated them with the side of a spatula and placed them on a cooling rack!😊

Even though they’re quite square-shaped, they are super yummy and I can’t wait to make these again!😍

Let me know if you make these!😊 or if you’ve even heard of them, as my friends didn’t know what they were😂

Also, I typed this out through the phone version of the app, which I don’t normally do, so I apologise if the layout looks a little odd😅


I just made these again tonight after uploading this post & I made the s so much smaller and they turned out better that way, just to let you know😃 I also added a couple more tablespoons of sugar & cinnamon for the coating and they turned out like so!

They weren’t stuck together and were all perfect circles instead of large squares😊 Making them smaller (around and inch) also means you can make way more biscuits with the dough🙂

I’ll be posting more often!😌

Thanks for reading💕


Insta: bellelfie My instagram😊

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