🎉Christmas Treats and Celebrations🎄

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrated it☺️🎄 I had a lovely time celebrating with my family at home and I’m so sad that the day is over😭 I can’t believe it’s nearly 2020…time has gone by so quickly😭✨ I thought I’d make this a Christmassy post with pictures I’ve taken so far during my break🎄📷

Before I came home for Christmas, I went ice skating with one of my friends and it was so much fun⛸ I had never ice skated at that specific ice rink before but I much preferred it to the others as the marquee was much bigger, with two separate rinks (one rink for the younger children and one rink for everyone else⛸), clean bathrooms, numerous of big benches for people to sit at, crêpe stalls, hot beverage stalls and a stall for keepsakes.


Ever since I was a young child, I had a mini Christmas tree which I would decorate and I’ve been doing it every year since I got it🎄 It’s kind of a tradition so I don’t see it stopping any Christmas soon🎄

I start by setting up the tree and spacing out the branches, then I wrap tinsel and a ‘cord’ of silver beads around.

Then I wrap a set of lights around and begin putting on the decorations ☺️

This year I decorated the tree with sparkly gold baubles and red baubles, fluffy white pompoms and different gingerbread, snowmen and dance decorations, along with some other ‘random’ decorations ✨ I remember using this tree for my teddies as a child, and would wrap my own toys under it for them😂 oh how the times have changed! But this tree holds a lot of memories☺️


This is our actual proper Christmas tree which my mom spent hours decorating and it’s stunning😍🎄

If you have a Christmas tree, do you have a real or artificial one?☺️🎄


As you guys may already know, I’m a hot chocolate addict😍 It’s the only hot drink I have all year round because I don’t like tea or coffee😅 I think it was last Christmas that I posted photos of some of the Christmassy hot chocolates I had and thought I would do the same again this year☕️🍫

Little disclaimer, my hot chocolates don’t usually look this extra all year round😂 it’s just at Christmas time where we make it a little more special by adding cute Christmas sprinkles and stuff☺️🍫☕️

On the topic of hot chocolate….

For Christmas I was fortunate enough to receive these fun festive hot chocolate sets😍 My favourite flavour so far is the gingerbread one! And my least favourite was unfortunately the mint… it tasted like liquid toothpaste to me😭🦷

On the same note as Christmas gifts, I’m so fortunate for everything I’ve received and couldn’t be luckier🎉🎁 I thought I’d share some of my favourite gifts that I received but I want to disclim that I’m not trying to brag, just simply showing you what some of my favourite things are, just incase some of you are curious, because I know I love reading about other people’s Christmas’🎉🎄

I’m a MASSIVE fan of The Lord of The Rings, my collection of things and lvoe for it is ridiculous 😂😭 I’m so happy and grateful for getting the book set with Toklien’s own design, The Lord of The Rings board game and Te Lord of The Rings blanket (alongside The Lord of The Rings mug and keychain😂)… as you can see, I’m obsessed😂😭

I also love this Claddagh ring with my birthstone and was completely surprised to be gifted this😍🥰🎁💍

In a similar colour, I also received this stunning biro from Swarvoski, I had gotten my mom a pink one last year for

Christmas 🥰 I absolutely love writing so I’m super grateful for this lovely gift😊

I have quite a sweet tooth..l and was in candy heaven seeing this on Christmas morning😂 These are one of my favourite sweets and I’m afraid they won’t last long😍

My parents also made me really thoughtful gifts, my mom made me a Christmas wreath by hand and my Dad drew me a picture and framed it😭😊

Did you get anything for Christmas? Or was there something you wanted whether it was a gift or to be with family, that ended up coming through on the day?😊🎁


And let’s not forget about the Christmas meal of course😍 Usually we have goose but this year we went for Turkey and it was nice☺️

Christmas meal is the best and the leftovers last for a couple of days which is great😭😍 We had different veg such as brussel sprouts (🤮🤮), mashed carrots, mashed potatoe and sweet corn; stuffing, ham and turkey, different stuffings, yorkshire puddings (one of my least favourite foods🤮) and a prawn ring.


On Christmas eve we had some party food which was also yummy and surprisingly quite filling☺️😍 and on Christmas day we had a profiterole cake as dessert☺️


We did some baking during the holidays too such as these almond cakey biscuits.

We got this nice Christmassy tray which we put the dough in

And iced them with icing sugar😍 I also made another batch with Christmassy sprinkles on☺️

They were really quick to make and I thought the shapes were cute😊🎄

My mom also made Christmas rocky road which is super yummy😍

Did you have a nice meal/dessert for Christmas?😊


We also put different sets of white lights alongside our roof and wrapped a set of white berry lights around our arch with the green “twine” (I forgot the word for it)☺️

I love this time of year, I love the decorations, songs, movies, family time and everything to do with it☺️ I’ve been watching Elf quite a bit, Elf and The Santa Claus movies are my favourites😍 They really make me feel Christmassy🎄😊

I hope you all enjoyed reading this Christmassy post and I hope you’ve been having a nice time regardless if you celebrate Christmas or not☺️🎄🎉

Thank you for reading👯‍♀️

I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year✨🎉🥰


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