Hello everyone! I hope you all had a spooky Halloween🦇🎃🍂

This year, I decided to dress up as an elf🧝‍♀️ The decision to dress up was quite last minute, so luckily I had amazon prime to order some things on and arrive just before Halloween🎃

I had ordered a set of elf ears, fortunately it came with three different looks and sizes, I opted for the middle pair🧝‍♀️ These costed around a fiver, and none of the Halloween shops or Halloween areas of shops had these ears so I thought it was a good buy especially in such short notice✨🧝‍♀️

I also got a lovely white cloak that had a ribbon at the top so you could tie a bow🧝‍♀️ It was a little long, I overestimated how tall I was when it came to sizing😂 so I had to take a safety pin and pin the back a little shorter. If the weather was dry, I would have left it, but that night it was lashing and I didn’t want to ruin it☔️ This was kind of Gladriel inspired😂🧝‍♀️ I have her hair colour, the cloak, the ears but unfortunately not her key hair accessory so I decided to just be a Lord of The Rings inspired elf😂🧝‍♀️ (If you don’t know, The Lord of The Rings is my obsession)

I wore this white top I got from Yestyle years back and thought it would suit with the high collar and ruffles.

And I paired it with these black leather pants I got back in Hong Kong. I decided to go with leather over jeans because I knew the rain would soak my jeans and I think these pants add nicely to the look🧝‍♀️ and as fro the shoes, I wore a pair of black doc boots🥰

For the makeup, I simply wore foundation and powder then used white eyeliner pencil to draw the lines on my cheeks snd lips aswell as the dots around my face🧝‍♀️ I used a a few metallic copar-like colours from urban decay’s heavy metal eyes eye shadow pallet, and lighter coppary colour for underneath the eye from the cherry naked palette

(Demo and Starfire for the eyelids)

I also used the white eye pencil for the inner corner of my eyes. I used black liquid eyeliner for the wings and black eye pencil for my waterline🧚🏻‍♀️ For the lips, I used one of my favourite lipsticks from NYX💄

Halloween evening, a couple of my friends and I went to the Halloween parade going on in the city and it was my first time going to the Halloween parade in Cork. It was packed and the atmosphere was joyful despite the rain and humidity, I loved seeing the costumes others were wearing and quite a few people came up to me about mine🧝‍♀️🥰

I apologise for the low-quality photos from the Halloween parade, I only took videos so had to try screenshotting moments from the videos, so they didn’t come out the clearest! Although, it was a really nice parade and it was apparent a lot of work was put into it🎃

Afterwards, we decided to go to the cinema to watch a new movie that came out called ‘Countdown’, which was about an app that tells you when you’re to die💀 It wasn’t the scariest or greatest movie in the world, but it was good, and the perfect movie to watch on Halloween night👻

And of course its not Halloween without having some candy apples😍🍏 and some candy!

Did you do anything for Halloween? Did you dress up?🎃

I really want to be in a Christmassy mood but unfortunately I’m too stressed to even think about celebrating Christmas😭 I’ve many important exams and assignments this month and it’s a lot of work which unfortunately has to be done within the same time space😢 so, I apologise in advance if I won’t be blogging often until November is over, but I am trying my best! For now, my social life will be put on hold and I’ll be spending my free hours in the library studying😭😭 Wish me luck in my exams😭

Thanks for reading🥰


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  1. Your costume looks so cool!! I love The Lord of the Rings. The Halloween parade must have been fun, the closest I’ve ever come to that would be one I took part in in primary school but it was just dressing up and going for a walk up the road so the one you went to see looks a whole lot better! 😂 The week before Halloween I went to my first haunted experience (Paranoia in Wicklow) and it was amazing, I was surprised that I enjoyed it as I’m usually scared by stuff like it. Good luck with your exams! Just think, they’ll soon be over and you can enjoy Christmas! 🎄 Take care ❤️


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