Christmassy Galettes Bretonnes and a Christmassy Time!

Hello everyone!!!

I am finally on Christmas holidays and I had finished my exams last week! So I’ve moved back home for the holidays with my family and I’m very excited to have the time to upload my blogs more frequently!! (Guys..I’m still missing the emojis.. I haven’t figured out how to use them on my laptop yet!)

Also just a little note– I recently broke my phone screen by dropping my phone on the floor, and it’s currently being fixed (It’s going to take around three weeks as I bought my phone in Hong Kong last year and the phone doesn’t exist in Ireland, so it will take a much longer time to fix than other phones.). But basically, I’m using one of my old phones in the meantime, so the photos aren’t of a high quality like my phone that’s being fixed! So please bare with me as I take photos on my older phone! 🙂

It’s officially the Christmas month! (Although to be fair I’ve been preparing for Christmas since October!) One of the first things I wanted to do to kick off with the holiday season was to bake! I decided to bake Galettes Bretonnes biscuits, which are traditional Brittany biscuits (and for those who don’t know I’m half French, half Chinese and Brittany is where I come from in France). These biscuits are super nostalgic for me and they taste soooo nice! Usually I would bake these biscuits in the traditional shape (I have an old blog post on it from around two years ago on this if anyone can find it 😉 ) but I decided to do a Christmassy version!

What’s needed:

180g of butter

300g of flour

120g of sugar

3 eggs

A large mixing bowl Two small bowls A fork and butter knife A pastry brush Biscuit cutters Trays Stick-free spray/butter/ non-stick baking paper A sieve A rolling pin A weighing scale Cling film



Step 1: With a weighing scale, weigh out 180g of butter that’s salted, and if you are using unsalted butter, add 5g of salt). Also weigh out 120g of sugar(caster) and mix it together in the large mixing bowl.


Step 2: Separate the yolks of two eggs and weigh out 300g of flour and add this to the large bowl that already has the butter and sugar mixture. Make sure to sieve the flour while adding it to the large bowl.



Step 3: It might take a while, and the dough is quite tricky to make, but after some time, the dough should look snooth although for a while it will look slightly crumbly like the first photo. Then wrap it up in cling film and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. If I don’t have the time, I personally skip fridging the dough for a few hours, and there’s no problem.

Step 4: When the dough is out of the fridge, make sur eto flour the surface and your rolling pin so the dough doesn’t get stuck as you try to lift up the cut biscuits.

Make sure you have a non-stick method on your baking trays so your biscuits don’t stick to the try while they’re cooking, You can do this by buttering the tray, using non-stick paper or non-stick spray. I personally used the baking paper and I used the spray on my second tray as the sheet didn’t cover the entire tray.



Step 5: Using Christmas shaped (or any shape) cutters, cut out the biscuits and place them on the tray. Make sure your oven is preheated at 180 degrees. If you don’t have a fan oven, preheat it to 200.



Step 6: With the third egg, using only the yolk, mix it with water to make an egg wash. Use the pastry brush to cover each biscuit and brush each biscuit twice. Let the biscuits cook for around15-20 mins.



Step 7: Enjoy eating them!!!

I really enjoyed making these and surprised them to family! Let me know if you ever decide to make Brittany Biscuits!

As I’m currently living in Ireland, there’s this tv show which I’m pretty sure the majority of the country watches, which is the ‘Late Late Toy Show’. This is an annual Christmas show with performances, kids talking and playing with new toys and giving reviews, surprises and more! It’s a big Christmas tradition over here and my family always makes sure our Christmas tree is up for the show!


My mom beautifully decorated the tree and hung up our stickings, incuding Charlie’s! (our dog). We have Christmas decorations all around the houe and since I’m back home for the holidays, my bedding is Christmassy too!

I’ve been spending some nights indulging in Christmas treats such as chocolates and of course, mince pies!


and I can’t forget to mention my amazinnng mother’s hot chocolate!!

They’re so cute, Christmassy and tasty!!!

I’m in such a Christmassy mood and I’m beyond excited for my Christmassy plans and spending the holidays back at home all cosy! The Christmas lights are all up around the cities and the ice rinks are all ready and there are shopping sales and Christmas specials everywhere!! It would be amazing if it snowed!

I deactivated my personal instagram account a while back due to lack of interest but I was thinking of creating an account for this blog..I’m not sure though.. should I?

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and have a relaxing afternoon!

Thanks for reading!

Bel x


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