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🤓I’m Finally Back!!!! Leaving Cert + Future Plans, Cork Day Trip📍

Hello everyone!!

I’d be surprised if ye guys remember me….I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long but during these past few months I’ve been super busy with study for the Leaving Cert and actually sitting the exams themselves. I’m beyond happy and relieved that the exams are all over and that I can relax!!🤓

I took exams in maths, English, Irish, French, art, biology and chemistry, over the three weeks in which the exams were on. Chemistry was definitely by far the hardest exam but that wasn’t a surprise to me as I can’t do that subject at all whatsoever! I’m 90% sure I failed that exam, so I really hope I passed maths! (I can’t fail more than one subject to get into the course I want in university😔)

French went really well (as it’s my first language🇫🇷) and Irish went well too (as I go to a Gaelscoil💚🍀) English was a bit tricky as expected and they switched the first paper up with paper 2 content, which shocked us all😣but luckily I was prepared for both papers and that didn’t phase me🤓

I’ve been constantly studying biology since the beginning of the year and I have always tried my hardest. For some reason, I’ve always been determined to get great grades in that particular subject but the leaving cert exam was okay. Not complete smooth sailing but I was happy with the paper☺️

As for art, I had already completed 60% of the exam during the year with my art project and life drawing exams, so all I had left to do was the history of art exam. I was really stressed with this exam as it was all essays based on European art, Irish art and a gallery/museum/design. We studied so many artists and paintings and we only had to write an essay on one (which was frustrating because we spend so much time and effoert studying difficult paintings and we only write an essay on one of them😔🎨) but I was so surprised and so so so happy with the art paper as the topics we studied that came up on the mock paper, came up on the actual LC paper!☺️☺️☺️🎨

I’ll be getting my leaving cert results in a month and finding out what college I got into, the week after!🤓 My first choice is in Cork, World Languages but my second choice is the arts (also in Cork) and I’m happy with getting either of those courses! I’m also happy in getting my third choice which is English (arts+another language as a module)😌 I will keep ye up to date with my results🤓


The weather has been soo hot lately which is really bizarre☀️

It was so hot, I had to water the grass🌱

(This photo was taken before the water restrictions)

Because of this lovely weather, I recently went to Cork (my favourite city in Ireland😍) with one of my friends and it was a reallly long yet fun day! We were in town at around 7:30am and took the coach one hour later and arrived in Cork at around 10am!

We looked up stationery shops in Cork and found a few cute places!

This one had sooo many different notebooks and everything in the shop was super cute! It’s just sadly all so expensive!😔😔

We went to a few more and I found a section that had Santoro London Gotjuss things on sale😍😍😍

I loveee Santoro and I was literally looking up things to buy online from that brand the night before!😍

At first I left the place empty handed but came back later and bought these!

There are soo many cute shops in Cork, I really cant wait to move here😍😍 Everyone is super friendly and helped us out when we couldn’t find our way😌📍

We also went to an Italian shop🇮🇹 (It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a shop like this or been in one) and it had all different types of Italian food and I felt like I stepped into Italy for a little bit😭😍(Italy is my number one country I want to live in at the moment, I’m planning on studying Italian in college aswell😍🇮🇹)

The biscuits looked so yummy and tempting😍☺️🇮🇹

We went to Starbucks for a drink also and I got a vanilla cream (in the US there are wayyyyyy more drinks) and the place was packed with lovely Spanish tourists🇪🇸 And we actually had already met them in mcdonalds. The city was really busy that day but for some reason, spanish people seem to love Ireland!☺️☺️☀️

We also went to Dunnes and I saw a biscuit jar and I really want a cute cookie jar when I move into my own apartment😭😍🍪🍪

I’m so sorry again that I haven’t blogged in ages, but I’ll try my best to be more consistent like I used to be☺️

What are your plans for the summer?!😌☀️

Thanks for reading💋


Email: blogoceane3@gmail.com


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