✨Sam Smith Concert🎤 Easter Sunday🐰🍫

Hello everyone,

I am SO sorry for not blogging in a while, I have been struggling to find the time and I have a lot going on in my life at the moment, which I really have to prioritise.

How have ye all been keeping?!

During my Easter break, I went to Dublin to go to Sam Smiths concert😍 I dont really listen to pop music apart from the odd song here and there but Sam Smith is the only artist I’m a fan of and his concert was AMAZING! Although amazing is really an understatement! His voice is amazing, his personality is genuine and everything from the music to the stage was perfect😍😍✨. Bruno Major also perfomed some songs as he was the guest performer. I went to the concert with my dad and we got pretty great seats!! Everyone was full of ennergy and the atmosphere was great!

The lighting was stunning and there were so many effects and surprises! It was beyond fun and the atmosphere was buzzing!!✨✨

Before going to see sam smith in concert, I spent some time around the city with my friend in dublin and visited some shops and then I went to Nandos with my day! Overall, it was a very enjoyable day!


For Easter we made cute easter nests😆🍫

and we had a variety of chocolates and chocolate egss!🍫🍫☺️☺️🐰

Dark chocolate is my favourite😍😍🍫and white is a close second😍 I got really yummy dark easter eggs from my Mom🐰🍫

One of the eggs also came with a mini box of dark chocolates😍😍🍫 and my boyfriend was super sweet to have gotten me a lemon meringue easter egg too😍🍋

Did you celebrate easter? If so, how?😌☺️

What’s your favourite chocolate?🍫☺️

I hope ye all had a great and busy Easter, and I apologise again for being two weeks late to post this😔😔 (I even still have blog posts from Hong Komg during the summer saved in my drafts!!!!!) . As it’s coming up to my leaving cert, blogging will be really inconsistent but I really look forward to the summer and university where I’ll hopefully be able to focus on blogging more🤓🤓

Thanks for reading❤️


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