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❄️Blizzards and Meeting the head of Wordpress Engine✨

Hello everyone!!!😌

I am sooo happy that I hadn’t had school since Wednesday, it was nice to get a quick break!! We had a storm and and a blizzard😱 I absolutely love the snow and I’ve never seen it snow like this before in Ireland😍😍

I took so many photos and videos, but I’m just going to share some of my favourite ones!

Hihi my dog Charlie❤️ He loooved playing in the snow❄️🐶

The snow was incredibly light and fluffy and it hadn’t melted for days😍 I managed to make a mini snowman hihi☃️

And I also made an igloo, which surprisingly took me three hours.

I was able to fit half my body in it and it was the perfect size for Charlie😌🐶☃️

Some areas such as Dublin and Wexford were really badly affected by the blizzard, luckily no damage was done where I live, so my family and friends and I really enjoyed playing in the snow😊❄️ It’s not every day in Ireland that it snows in March❄️😊


My year (6th year) had been told that we were going to have a talk from a man who worked for WordPress and who’s the head of WordPress Engine (of course I internally screamed) and it was going to be life changing.

Naturally, I thought it was an exaggeration……but it wasn’t. I can’t explain how fortunate and happy I am that I got the chance to meet and get a talk from him. It was simply amazing, motivational, inspirational and it really has changed my life and perspective on things.

He gave us hus life story, everything felt so genuine and real, we could relate to him on a personal level and only dream of achieving the things he had. Earning around 100,000 a year and getting to travel all around the world workig for WordPress. Getting the chance to meet and work with celebraties and start exciting projects and doing what he loves in life.

He told us the truth, the ups and downs and the pros and cons. What it takes to be successful and what his priorities once were and what they are now.

He admitted he used to only care about the money and had even failed every single one of his mock exams in secondary school. But after having two heart attacks, it changed his perspective on things. He has a wife now and three kids and continues to travel and work all around the world.

I got the chance to talk to him privately at the end and asked him some questions, he was a very kind and helpful man who wasn’t afraid to tell us the truth.

It was truly the most inspirational talk I’ve ever been to and it really made me think more about what I want and love in life😌

I hope you enjoyed this post and are all keeping well x

Thanks for reading❤️


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