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Hong Kong: Day 9, 10, 11, 12 – Photography, Stationary Haul, 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong going back to China

Hello everyone❤️

I decided to make a post on my past four days into one post as I didn’t get the chance to take a whole laod of photos and the days were more relaxed🤗 Although this week I will be going to The Peak so hopefully you’ll enjoy that post🙈🌄
Stationary Haul

I absolutely love sticky marker sheets and these were just a must-buy!😍

They had different countries such as Sweden and the Netherlands, but being half French, it only felt right to get those marker sheets😂❤️🇫🇷

The chocolate one is definitely my favourite😂🍫 I think it was a very fun and unique idea and I like how each strip is a different type of chocolate😂😍 which is your favourite chocolate? Miok, dark or white?🍫🍫


I bought this cute crafts glue because the glue is super strong and it’s easy to use. I remember my grandad sending me packages when I was younger snd he would include glue like this🤗

I also got Totoro sticky notes😍 I thought the green ones were pretty and the pink one was cute and handy💛 Have you ever watched My Neighbour Is Totoro?!
If you have read my past posts, you would know that Pompompurin is my favourite Sanrio character and I can’t stop buying things with his face on😂 so I just had to get these cute sticky notes💛❤️

They had a lot of different shades but this crimson colour was my favourite and luckily the pen has black ink😂 I dislike blue inkactually😂


I also got two cute notebooks🙈❤️ I was planning on using them for my language learning. Since they are small notebooks, I thought it would be handy so I could leave them in my handbag🤗👜
Photography – 20th anniversary of Hong Kong going back to China

There was around one million people in Hong Kong who came to watch the same firework display to celebrate this occasion and I filmed 30videos😂🎆🎆 The fireworks were stunning😍


(20 layered cake!🍰)

(Korean food) In Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean food are the most popular! You cook the meat yourself and lay everything out to mix and share with family and friends! It’s a loooot of fun❤️

I also bought two cute wooden pieces, a treehouse and a bear❤️
That’s all for my post today! More is to come tomorrow❤️

Thanks for reading💋


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