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Hong Kong: Day 7- Wan Chai, Taikoo Plaza, Stationary Haul, Photography 

Hello everyone🙈

I cant believe it has been nearly a week since I’ve arrived in Hong Kong😍 It still feels surreal to me and it still hasn’t quite kicked in yet! I feel like I’ve either been here my entire life or that it’s my first day ever here😂✨

While my dad and brother started their day off by swimming in the pool at the apartment, my mom and I decided to go to another shopping centre for a bit until we met up with my grandad to go to Wan Chai for a mini tour🚋

We went to H&M and I tried on a few tops and dresses👗

The first dress had dark, red roses and a comfy fabric🌹I am not the one to wear dresses but for some reason I haven’t stopped looking at them since the day I arrived here😂👗

I also tried on a longer, stripey dress which was made out of a warmer and tighter fabric but I didn’t really like it on me that much so I decided to not go for it😝 plus, I didnt like the sleeves😂 I thought the shape was unnecessary😅

I ended up buying the rose dress🌹👗 and one of the lacey black tops I tried on✨

I decided to wear the black top underneath the dress🙆🏻🌹👗

Then we went to a pâtisserie/coffee shop and my mom had a caramel dessert while I had a caramel icecream😂🍰🍧

We then made are way back to my dad and brother and met up with my grandad👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We took a little tour around the different towns by tram🚋 and we did some sightseeing and stopped by the markets to shop🌺

(Those buildings look unreal to me😍😍😍)

When we were at the markets I quickly stopped by a stationary shop and bought a few bits💛

I bought the first packet of rubbers for one of my friends because she loves cute things like this like me😂💛

And I got the second one for myself because I was looking for a meal made out of rubbers😂🍴

I also got a Pokémon notebook for another friend of mine because 1) she loves notebooks and 2) she’s a great fan of pokémon😂

I also bought another one of these cute notebooks🌸

I got a nice ink pen that was shaped as a carrot😂 and a packet of washi tapes🤗

I also bought a cup to put my pens in😂🙈☕️

One of my friends mom likes to collect magnets so I bought some in a pretty Chinese souvenir shop💛

I also bought cute keyrings for some of my friends (they were traditional chinese dolls) and I got a denim jacket! I don’t know why but my ipad won’t let me download the photos I took of them so sadly I can’t add this to the post😭 ill put it in tomorrow’s post if it works😊

My mom also got me a Totoro keyring that lights up and makes a noise when you press a button on it’s back😍🙈

On the way back home we passed by these cute chocolates😍🍫
I hope you enjoyed this post💛

Thanks for reading💋


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Instagram- piercethebel


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