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Hong Kong: Day 6 – Kowloon

Hello everyone🌸 how are you all keeping?💛

We started off the day by going to Times Square and the shopping centre that was there😊

I went into Pull & Bear for the first time🐻 and got these pair of shoes😍 I don’t think they have Pull & Bear in Ireland and they definitely don’t have one where I’m from in France😂

These are super comfy to walk in , have a nice heal and they are of course, black😂😍
We went around to a few more shops and we also passed by this nice pâtisserie🍰🍧

I was tempted to try everything there, it looked so perfect😂😍🍰❤️

Then we met up with my grandad and we went to another part of the city🌃 

(We also saw cute turtles😍😍❤️🐢🐢)

We managed to quickly stop by the markets and go into a stationary shop to feed my stationary addiction😍😍

Thankfully I ended up buying some cute things😍🤗📙

I love the animated fiom my Studio Ghibli, My Neighbour is Totoro and just had to get this cute mini notebook😂❤️

I bought this little fold-over book that had little notes on each fold😍😍 I thought they were adorable!🙈

I also bought these two cute littlenotebooks that had lovely designs around the pages😍📚

And finally, I got My Neighbour is Totoro stickers and fruit ones too😂😍🍎🍊🍓

After the markets, we headed to my family’s house and had dinner with them❤️🍴

It was such a nice and fun time to have dinner and catch up with everyone❤️

We then took the underground train back home and relaxed😊

That was it for my day❤️  I hope you enjoyed this short post💛🌸

Thanks for reading💋


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Instagram- piercethebel


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