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Hong Kong: Day 5 – Taikoo City Plaza

Hello everyone💛

My body is still in the Irish time zone mode so I’m currently typing this at 3am…. also, last night I ended up going to bed at 7am…😪😪 surprisingly I’m still full of beans😂

As I ended up waking up late at around 12:30, I got lunch straight away and of course I had to get Cha Siu😍😍 and I bought a bag of prawn crackers to snack on too❤️🍤

Then, I got ready and we went to Taikoo City Plaza❤️

We went into the centre (the one in one of my past posts with the ice rink) and we went to a patisserie-cafe❤️☕️🍰

I got this yummy chocolate-pistachio dessert which I completely indulged😍😍

They had a lot more desserts to choose from too, all of them looking spectacular🍰🍨🍮

I also went into Zara and bought a cute black dress with a white peter pan collar🌸👗

I felt like I was Wednesday from the Adams Family😂🙈

I was in the queue to pay for the dress for 20 minutes..the line was super long😭 but it was worthit as it was the last dress there❤️

We also went to Armani Exchange as my dad wanted to get a hoodie and my Mom went to H&M.

We went around a few more stationary shops and a super market and then we went for a walk outside❤️

I absolutely looveee walking outside in the dark in Hong Kong, as well as my hometown in France, and in my current home in Ireland, I love late night drives😍⭐️ I think the city looks even more beautiful at night with all the lights✨

We ended up stopping at KFC which we passed by on the way and ended up getting a massive meal which they don’t even sell back in Ireland or France😂

There was so much in that deal that we had to keep some away for the next day😂❤️

Also instead of chips, KFC serve rice😉🍚

That was basically it for today🙈 I’m much more excited for this weeks posts as I’ll be going sightseeing more than shopping so I’ll have way more pictures and content💛

What did you get up to for the day?✨

Thanks for reading💋


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Instagram- piercethebel


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