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Hong Kong: Day 4- Harbour City

Hello everyone🙈

I really hope you are enjoying these posts!✈️🌎 As there will be a lot more to come😂

I started off the morning by having lunch as I woke up late😂

I went downstairs to the food store and bought Cha Siu😍 (honey roasted pork) Cha Siu and rice are two of the most common and popular food in Hong Kong😍 so far I have eaten them both every day and I’m still not bored of it😂🍚

After lunch we took the underground train in Taikoo to get to Harbour City🚅⚓️

It was extremely humid because of the sun shining brightly while it was ironically raining😂🌞☔️ On average, the temperature here is 30-34 degrees🔥🔥

I bought cookies at the station from a cookie shop and I got two cute sweets for free along with it❤️🍪🍬 Altogether I bought 7 cookies (I swear I’m not addicted😂🍪) for around 8 hong kong dollars$ 
When we arrived at the city, we walked to the shopping centre, which was once again packed with branded shops.

The first place we went to was Toys R Us since my brother wanted to get some things, so I ended up buying jellybeans there😂🍬 they had interesting flavours there that they didn’t have in other countries such as mint chocolate or lychee🤗

I also got another Pompom Purin thing to add to my collection😂

I got a cute folder🙈🙆🏻

I also went to H&M in town after we left the harbour, and got a knee length grey dress and a light jacket in a maroon colour❤️ Luckily there are sa,ss going on everywhere at the moment😍
After the shopping we met up with my uncle, his partner and my grandad and his partner at my grandads apartment and we all had a meal together❤️

We watched a show together, looked back at family photos and they handed us down some of their old stuff for us to keep❤️ overall it was a great evening❤️

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you have a happy Sunday❤️

Thanks for reading💋


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