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Hong Kong: Day 3- Taikoo + Quarry Bay

Hello everyone🙈

I hope you are doing well!💛

I started off the day by having a slice of my favourite cake ever!! Which is a Black Forest Gâteau😍😍🍰 We bought it at a cute bakery across from the apartment!

After eating, I decided to go around the shopping centre attached to my apartment block🤗

And I ended up buying a Pompom Purin case fro my glasses🤓 It came with such a cute wiper too😍😍

Then I headed out with my parents and brother to meet my godfather and go around shopping🤗 When I saw Etude House (one of the very best Korean makeup brands) I COMPLETELY FLIPPED😍 I always wanted to go, and I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in one of my korean posts before😂❤️

The building itself is super cute and the products were pretty affordable🌸 

I bouht three nail poloshes💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻 one in pink, a dark maroon colour and a dark blue💗❤️💙

Some photos I took while walking in the street❤️📷

We went into a shopping centre and I passed by these pretty home-made lollies💛

There was a biiiig stationary shop and I bought a few packet of stickers for myself and my friends❤️🙆🏻

Afterwards we went to Times Square😍

We went into the shopping centre that was there

Most if not all shopping centres in Hong Kong are packed with Branded shops. In Hong Kong, buying branded items and clothing is a normal and easy thing👗👜 there can be up to hundreds of branded shops in one centre. There are maps scattered around the walls and printed out, as well as workers at every corner to give directions to people😂
I ended up buying Vans (my FAVOURITE style of shoes) which collabed with another Chinese designer🙈 I could have gotten Vans back at home, but these are apparently only in China and Hong Kong😍

They also had a shop dedicated to the animated film by Studio Ghibli, My Neighbour Is Totoro❤️

Have any of you watched this film?! If so, did you like it?!❤️

After looking at more shops, we had dinner🤗 I decided to eat Japanese❤️

And then we headed back home!

I hope you enjoyed this post❤️💛

Thanks for reading💋


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Insta- piercethebel


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