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Hong Kong: Day 2 – Family Meal + Shopping Mall

Hello everyone!🙈

I finally got some proper sleep and managed to gather some energy to spend the day with my family around a shopping centre🙈

In the morning we went to the bakery which was in the shopping centre that was connected to the apartment building, to get breakfast.

They had a lot of choices (sorry I didn’t take photos of everything), from sweet to savory food🍞🍰 

We bought two slices of cake, pain au chocolats, apple pastry, coconut and custard bread loaf and a savory bread😍 Everything food wise in Hong Kong is super affordable😍 

Then we went to the super market to buy some necessities, dropped them back at the apa and headed to another shopping centre to have a meal with my dads side of the family🍴❤️

The food was AMAZING! I am used to having that food back at home (since there are Chinese markets) but having it in Hong Kong made all the difference😍

After the meal we went around some of the shops and I couldn’t help but buy some notebooks… If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a stationary addiction😂❤️📕

Pompom Purin is one of my favourite Sanrio characters and ended up guying some notebooks and a gogo with his face on it😂 (also I am writing this post a day later..so this is technically yesterday 22nd, but I can tell you that today 23rd, I bought the cutest Pompom Purin thing, which I’ll show you in tomorrows post😉😉)

I also bought a cute face cloth🍓

And this cute pouch that has a different Sanrio character on it❤️🐸

Later on, we went to another stationary shop and bought a waterproof notebook cover which had special pockets and binders❤️📕

It was a really big mall, it even had an icerink on one of the floors😂⛸🌨❄️ and it had the biggest lego store too🤗

Then we went to a coffee shop to get some drinks☕️ I ended up buting two as one of the drinks had veryyyyy strong coffee in it which I found disgusting😂☕️

We went for dinner afterwards in the other shopping centre which is connected to the apartment and took some photos of some buildings I passed by📷

That was all for my day❤️ I hope you enjoyed this post🙈 

What did you get up to? Are you going anywhere on holidays?✈️🙈

Thanks for reading💋


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Insta- piercethebel


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