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Hong Kong🇭🇰 Day 1: The Arrival

Hello everyone🤗

I have finally arrived in Hong Kong after a very long and tiring two days of travelling✈️ When I was back in Ireland, I would publish my posts in the evening at around 6pm-7pm but as I am now 7 hours ahead, I’m going to post these at random times- basically whenever I’m free💛
Tuesday morning, my family and I (parents, brother)  dropped off my dog Charlie at the kennels. We then got our luggage ready and got a taxi ride to Shannon Airport✈️

Before my flight to London I passed by a massive box of tictacs, filled with smaller boxes of tic tacs😂 I thought it was cute😂🍬

We then went on the plane two hours later and arrived safely in London an hour afterwards🇬🇧 

We then decided to go for lunch at my favourite coffee shop in London, Pret à Manger.

3 hours later we boarded the plane to Hong Kong, which was going to be an 11 hour flight✈️😰
A pair of headphones, a comfy blanket and a little pocket were placed on each seat, aswell as a pillow😀 

In the pouch there was a tootbrush, toothpaste, an eye mask and ear plugs. The plane had a very cosy environment due to the lighting.

We each had our own tv on the plane where we could watch new movies, tv shows, play games and listen to music🎞🖥📀

I watched half of Beauty and the Beast, half of Trolls and half of Fantastic Beasts😂 I ended up getting bored throughout each movie and never finisehd them😂

The flight attendants handed us out a little packet of pretzels and a drink of our choice🍾

We were given a menu for dinner where we were able to choose our meal for our main course🍴 I chose the chicken pesto pasta!🍝

A salad alongside some crackers and a chocolate-caramel pudding was also served to us! Airplane food can definitely be underrated😂✈️

I tried to go to sleep after eating dinner but it was honestly so difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in on a chair😂😭 I have basically been awake for two days straight..so I’m praying to God that I get some sleep tonight😭😪

The flight felt like it was lasting forever but when the rest of the people on the plane woke up, we were given a British Breakfast.

We had a box of fruit, orange juice, greek style yoghurt and then sausages, hashbrowns, mushrooms and beans!

The fact that we had to fly in the middle of the night was a bit nerve wrecking and the turbulence was no fun😪😂 but the view was beautiful 😍🌌

We arrived in Hong Kong on Wednesday evening and were greeted by my grandparents (my dad’s  side of the family) who we hadn’t seen in 11 years😪❤️

We then took the bus from the airport to our apartment which we will be loving in for a month! And I managed to take some pictures on the way📷

After we dropped our luggage at the apartment we went into the shopping centre which is interlinked with the apartments (which I love) and we had our dinner🍴❤️

Most things are super affordable in Hong Kong, especially food😍
That was basically it for my arrival day🤗 as the days go on, I’ll have more exciting content❤️ 

Are you going anywhere this summer? If so, what do you have planned?✈️🌎

Thanks for reading💋


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Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “Hong Kong🇭🇰 Day 1: The Arrival

      1. I would be excited too if I were you💋 We definitely need to post a colab post on dance together this summer❤️👯 I was never at a dance camp but it looks like so much fun from the last dance camp post of yours I read❤️👯 do your grandparents live in a different city to you?💋

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The dance collab post is an awesome idea! We should definitely do it. 🙂 And yes, my grandparents are in a different town, so I’ll be travelling to there and spending most of the summer in their house. ❤ When are you returning from Hong Kong? 😊


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