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💛Paramore Concert/ Blood Tests/ Road Trip/ Hong Kong🌎


YES I AM FINALLLYYY BACK TO BLOGGING❤️ My exams are finally over, the weather is pretty great for Ireland and I’m leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow🌎 

I’m super excited to get back to my daily blog posts, especially since I’ll be in Hong Kong & Japan in June/July🇯🇵🇭🇰 I hope you will enjoy the blog posts as much as I will enjoy making them🌎✈️

I thought I’d make a post on what has been happening the past couple of weeks and tomorrow I’ll try and post about my travels from Ireland to London and from London to Hong Kong❤️🇭🇰
Blood Tests

I had already spent enough time in hospital and at the doctors this year (If you’re a new follower, you probably didnt know that I damaged my knee ligament and dislocated my shoulder)😭😷 but a couple weeks before school ended my tonsil was starting to inflame pretty badly, which caused me to wake up at 4am each morning due to the difficulty to swallow. So we went to the doctor and assumed it was going to be tonsillitis but the doctor thought it could have been glandular fever.. (and I really hoped it was not glandular fever as the disease can still be passed on after a year that you’ve had it). I got some painkillers and anti-inflammatories that dissolved in water to help me😷 I got blood tests done and sent them to the lab and a week later we got the results to thankfully discover that it was just a bad virus I caught😂🤗
Dying my hair & new peircings

I felt pretty spontaneous this month and randomly but casually decided to get a new cartilage piercing and dye my hair green/turquoise😂

OKAY SO PARAMORE HAVE BEEN ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BANDS SINCE I WAS A PRE-TEEN AND I COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT WHEN I GOT TICKETS TO THEIR CONCERT😭😭😭😭 My friend and I took the coach to Dublin and went shopping for a bit, had amaziiing food in Nandos and headed to the Olympia Theatre where the concert was on💛

The Bleachers played for a bit since they were the guest performers and then when Paramore walked on stage… I screamed my head off…and also, I’m pretty proud to say that the plan I had to get Hayley Williams attention worked… I decided to wait until the audience was quiet when Hayley was speaking..and then I took my chance and roared “I love you hayley”.. which she gladly noticed and the entire theatre started screaming immediately afterwards😂 all on which I have on video❤️ Crazily but not surprisingly, I took 60 videos that night..😂 it started at 9pm and I arrived home at 3am😂😪


Road Trip

I also went on a roadtrip with one of my bestfriends and it was a loooot of fun❤️ I am band crazy and where I’m from, there are zilch band merch shops, but in Cork there was one in every street😍 and I couldn’t handle but buy one shirt..

Pierce The Veil are also one of my favourite bands…ever❤️😍

I also picked up some cute things in Cork such as this notebook which I had to get😂 and this adorable pen

I also felt like I needed more bright and fun clothing other than wearing black and maroon all the time, so I pocked up this cute top from Penneys❤️🍉 I’ve always loved clothing with fruit patterns😂

I had a nice meal with my friend at a Chinese restaurant and ordered duck❤️ but the workers there were super rude and it angered me a lot😪

Apart from that, I’ve been going out with friends in town, having coffe dates, relacing and enjoying the weather💛

Most of ye know that I’m addicted to hot chocolate😂☕️
Hong Kong- 

Tomorrow we are flying to London and then from London to Hong Kong✈️ altogether, I’ll be on the plane for 14 hours…horay😭😭

Sadly I’ll have to leave my baba😰🐶 for a month😭 but I know we will have a great time🇭🇰❤️ plus, the workers in the kennels are lovelyyy and Charlie had a trial day there and he didn’t get upset about it🐶
Thank you for reading💋

Happy Summer💛


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Insta- piercethebel


2 thoughts on “💛Paramore Concert/ Blood Tests/ Road Trip/ Hong Kong🌎

  1. Love your hair colour!! I have been thinking of dying the bottom of my hair silver/purple 🙈 it’s wash out after a few weeks though 😂 that is incredible that not only did you get to see your favourite band but they heard you scream and now Hayley knows she’s your favourite band too!! 😂 That must be an amazing memory. Charlie is too cute! I bet he’ll be treated like a king in the kennel and be on his own holiday too! 😂 Hope you have a lovely holiday!! I’ve never been on a plane before so I can only imagine a 14 hour journey 😬😂💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!❤️ you are too sweet😭🍬 Ahhh I think you should go for it! Especially if it mightn’t turn out as planned, it will wash out! Plus it’s fun for the summer😊🙆🏻🙈💛
      I wish I was able to talk to Hayley face-to-face😂😍 although sadly I don’t think that will EVER happen😂😭😭❤️
      We dropped Charlie off two days ago😭 I hope he isn’t feeling confused or lonely😰🐶
      The flight was not really enjoyable at the end to be honest🤕 I kept looking at my watch to see how many hours were left but it felt like I was on the plane forever😂😭 I’m dreading the flight back😭✈️ do you have any plans this summer?🌎😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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