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🙆🏻My Face Cleansing Routine🤗

Hello everyone !

I am super sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while, with exams coming up, I rarely have the free time to sit down and write😭 so I could only post a short post today but after my exams are over, I will be sure to go back to my normal blogging routine🤗 I hope you all had a great weekend though💛


My routine isn’t really fancy or complicated, it doesn’t take too long either but it’s very effective😝
First of all, I use these cleansing wipes! Sometimes I also use wipes by Simple! I have sensitive skin and these wipes are gentle on the skin! I definitely recommend these! 

If I don’t ise wipes, I wash my face with warm water!
Then, I use a piece of cotton wool and pour some drops of this Tea Tree Witch Hazel cleansing & toning lotion! This is my favourite! It’s strong, so I recommend using a moisturiser afterwards as this lotion gets rid of any dirt, oil on the skin and can leave your skin a bit dry😎

This product is super super effective, I cannot live without it!

Last but not least, I finish my routine off by putting on this moisturiser by simple! I always wear this moisturiser after my showers also! It’s a great product for those who have sensitive skin also!

That’s all there is to it!

Do you have a skincare routine??

Thanks for reading🤓


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