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❤️Paramore Concert, Summer Plans and Exams🌞

Good afternoon everyone🙆🏻🙈

After two stressful days of not being able to get presale tickets from Spotify, I AM SUPER HAPPY AND THANKFUL that I manged to get Paramore tickets on the last day of the sales, literally a couple minutes after they started❤️😍 If any of you listen to them, what’s your favourite song of theirs?!🤗 This is such a dream come true for me😍✨ 

I waited sooo many years after not being able to go to their last concert😍 They’ll be playing at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in mid-june!🎸 

Initially I was going to wear their new t-shirt to the concert but I thought I’d wear their classic original shirt logo and get a new one at their concert🤔

I was thinking of wearing my black ripped jeans or my black skirt that I got recently in Dublin😌

And then I was thinking of these healed boots (which are actually super comfortable) or my maroon vans👟👢

And finally I bought a really nice cherry coloured lipstick yesterday that I thought I’d might use💋💄🍒

I will definitely make a blog post on it✨
As for Summer plans, I think I mentioned it a couple times in my past posts that I’d be going to Hong Kong to visit my Dad’s side of the family❤️ but we recently decided to spend a week in Tokyo, Japan also😍😍😍🌎🌏🌍 I honestly can’t believe I’ll be going to Tokyo, it feels surreal😫😫😫 I can’t wait to make blog posts and vlogs on my trip as I’ll be going to the “Las Vegas” of China also✨ Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I should visit in Japan or what events?🌸🇯🇵

And as for exams…🤓😫 I have my summer exams in 4 weeks and I am dreading them but what’s even worse is… I recently found out during a meeting with my year head and principal that they will be sending my summer exam results instead of to my LC ones, to my future university (in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 ) Which is SO MUCH PRESSURE! I still have one more year left in school and it’s the Leaving Certificate exam results which are sent to universities as it’s how we get into a university or not (based on points), but as I’m going to study abroad, they have to send my summer exam results… I am not ready… I’m still in Christmas holiday mode half of the time😂🤓 My careers guidance counsellor tells our class to make study plans and schedules but I never seem to follow them… how do you guys study?!🤓
Hope you have a good weekend🙆🏻

Thanks for reading💋


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One thought on “❤️Paramore Concert, Summer Plans and Exams🌞

  1. Oh wow, didn’t know that about having to use your summer exams instead of leaving cert if you’re going to the Netherlands! I guess it’s because the LC results come out way too late for universities outside of Ireland to use


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