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👭I Went Out Everyday For Two Weeks and This Is What Happened🤓

Hello everyone!🌸

I hope you are all doing well! Did you have a good Easter?! Let me know what your favourite Easter Egg is🍫🙆🏻

Usually when it’s back to school time, I meet up with friends on the weekend or on a Friday after school, but seeming as I’m on my Easter holidays I decided to make the most of it. By going out every single day. Honestly I didn’t realise how exhausting it would be to go out constantly for around 10 hours every day but it soon became an addiction. (9am-9pm)

My first day was relaxing, I met up with a group of friends and spent the day taking photos, talking, going to a youth club and relaxing in the park🌿 I had arrived home past 9pm that night and was wrecked. Although I already had 13more days of that ahead of me.

I spent the next few days with different friends taking photos, chatting in our favourite coffee shops and relaxing in the parks. The weather was pretty good all week thankfully, so we could stay outisde🌿

I saw one of my friends get his 8th tattoo “Memento Mori” (be mindful of death) which was pretty exciting as I’ve never seen anyone get their tattoo done before🤗 

Because I was going out to town everyday, doing the same things and going at such an early time, I soon became a little bored, not to mention very tired😪 My sleep pattern changed and I got used to waking up at 4am, skipping lunch and spending a ridiculous amount of money on hot chocolate, fruit and water (since I would have to have breakfast in town). I got so used to this that I couldn’t stand being at home anymore and felt like I had to constantly go out and meet people.

(St. stevens green)

I then went to Dublin for the day with my family which was pretty fun (my brother got pretty cool doughnuts🍩🍩🍩) but it’s a three hour drive to get there and I was going out to meet friends the next day. I was happy to be going out again as I do enjoy seeing friends and there was nothing else for me to do at home, but at the back of my head I knew I had to take a break and study for my exams😪

I managed to get some study done in the mornings in Costa & The Stormy Teacup as no one was in town at 9am to meet up with me😂 I actually find it easier to study in coffee shops than at home surprisingly 🤓 later on in the days, my bestfriend met up with me😌🙆🏻

The day before Easter when I came home, my mom and I baked simple chocolate nests🍫 

Then on Easter day we ate them of course hihi 🙈🙆🏻

I also went to a heavy metal/hard rock event (I enjoy all genres of music by the way), that was on from 12pm-3am the next morning (which is crazyyyy I know) but it was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time!

I have a few different friendship groups that have different styles/interests and all of my friends on the more alternative/”emo” side came to this event which made it so much more fun than I expected it to be! Plus the music was amazing😍even though I could barely hear anything afterwards😂 There were over 30 bands playing🎸 People from all ages could go (minors leave @6pm and you get your ID checked) and everyone was super nice and friendly!


The following day, one of my bestfriends and I went to Dublin for the day to relax and shop🤗🙆🏻👭 It was super fun, the weather was great but we were exhausted by the end of the day, I needed to drink energy drinks to stay awake😪

The next day I went in early again to meet some of my friends and had a pretty fun time catching up, shopping and relaxing in one of my favourite coffee shops☕️☕️ I was so tired after going out so much (especially I was in Dublin the day before), I found it hard to stay awake😪

The day after that, I went to town yet again @9am, went to Costa (coffee shop) @9:45 and stayed there for four hours… alone.. it WAS insanely boring, I had no more battery in my ipad so I couldn’t do more study and I hadn’t eaten since the day before. It was a disaster of a morning and I started regretting going out so often. But thankfully I met a group of friends later in the afternoon and saw one of my friends get another tattoo (dark mark from harry potter❤️😍)

Yesterday, I then went to town at around 9:30 am!!!😪

I managed to study biology and chemistry for around two hours in Costa and then I met up with my friends☕️ It was a super fun day as I introduced one of my bestfriends to one of my group of friends (as I have different groups of friends who don’t mix) and everyone got on well🙈 Although at around 3:30pm I was getting seriously tired.. so one of my friends and I went to a cute coffee shop and got hot chocolate☕️

I honestly don’t know how much money I spent on hot chocolate these past two weeks, I already spent €9 on hot chocolate yesterday alone…😂😪

Although I love going out to meet friends, I definitely need a relaxing break at home! So thankfully I can have some “me” time this weekend before school starts again! 

The pros

Spending time with your friends, catching up, creating new memories with them

A break from staying at home

Getting fresh air

Meeting new people

Having fun, getting your mind off things

The cons:

Lots of money being spent 

Tiredness and change in sleeping patterns

Skipping meals

Wanting to constantly be doing something/forgetting how to just relax

Overall would I do this again if I could?! Probably to be honest😂 As at home I wouldn’t be too productive anyways and when I’m back at school there’s constant stress and I don’t get the chance to go out as much🙆🏻 but maybe I would take a couple days to relax instead of going out all day every day🙈

What did you get up to this Easter break?!🐰

I hope you enjoyed this post😌

Thanks for reading💋


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Insta- bel_oc3


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