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👯Showtime & My Favourites💚

Hello everyone❤️ 

Sorry it has been a while since I’ve blogged, as you know, I have been training a lot lately and just finished my performances✨ It’s fair to say that everyone who took part is definitely missing it😪 

The performance included actors, dancers, singers and musicians from all around the city and the daughters of charity took part also (which was super fun❤️). From the script-writing to the set design, everyone put so much effort to make the show the very best it could be❤️ Thanks to Myles Breen for writing and directing it✨ 

The show was based off different tv series such as Eastenders, Father Ted, Dora The Explorer etc which were re-made into a Gogglebox version! Definitely one of the best plays I’ve taken part in, not to mention how lovely and friendly everyone is💋

As for my favourites🌸…
My top 4 favourite songs are:

Alvaro Soled- Under The Sun ft Jennifer Lopez

Louisa Johnson- Best Behaviour

Alvaro Soler- El Camino
These three songs are super summery and catchy hehe even if I don’t speak Spanish🌸

(He’s an Irish artist who is wayy too underrated for the aamzing music and songs he produces) Declan O’ Rourke- Sarah

If you listened to them tell me what you think✨


I’ve always wanted to try Mochi and thankfully I’ve recently gone into the Chinese Shop and bought some🍡🍡 the texture is definitely interesting😂 it’s basically squidgy and tasteless.. usually the original Mochi’s have red bean paste in the middle! Still a fun experience!

Pineapples & Apples

This might sound like a strange one, but recently I can’t stop eating fresh pineapples and apples?! Maybe it’s the sunny weather that’s making me want to eat fruit all day😂

I love the flowers that are blooming🌸 My Mom thoughtfully got me the bouquet above after finishing my dance performance🙈💋


Although the long hours of training have basically drained me, I still enjoyed it a lot❤️ I am still tired😂 but I’m recovering👯 Training distracts me from school life, drama and stress and it’s also a lot of fun🤗🙆🏻

In my latest post on Korea, I mentioned ordering a top from a Korean Company yesstyle.com and it finally arrived❤️ I got it in the smallest size-white, and it fit me perfectly and the fabric is great! I’m homestly in love with frills at the moment✨🌸 I can also fold down the collar💛
Off the shoulder tops are also one of my favourites at the moment! I recently bought this when the weather was ‘hot’ (well for Ireland it was hot😂)

I also can’t help but sing ABBA songs when I wear this shirt..it must be the sleeves😂

It was definitely one of my favourites to have a picnic in the park, especially with the joyful atmosphere💚🇮🇪

Going out with friends (before or after my dance training, just in case you were wondering how I couldn’t blog but could go out) was a lot of fun✨ It helped me coping with the stress of training and the weather was great☀️ plus, who doesn’t like catching up with friends?!👭👫 Plus, of course I had to have a Gloria Jean’s (if you know me or read my previous posts, you know I love love loveeee Gloria Jean’s❤️❤️)

That’s all there is to today’s post🙈💛 I hope you enjoyed reading it and have a happy Sunday☀️

Thanks for reading💋


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Insta- bel_oc3


4 thoughts on “👯Showtime & My Favourites💚

  1. Hi! You might wonder how it is I “like” your blog being an old granny living in a rural area in the middle of France. Well, first, I lived in Ireland from Jan to May 2013 and loooooved it!… in Wexford actually. Second, I have a “métis” son and grandchildren with colored skins. Third, I lived for many years in the South Pacific and am aware of and fascinated by anything Asian. Last, I have a woman friend from Hong Kong who is mother of a “métisse” girl like you who is now living in New Zealand… Anyway I really enjoy reading your blog! …ah!… and I’m bilingual 🙂

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