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❤️Paramore Concert, Summer Plans and Exams🌞

Good afternoon everyone🙆🏻🙈 After two stressful days of not being able to get presale tickets from Spotify, I AM SUPER HAPPY AND THANKFUL that I manged to get Paramore tickets on the last day of the sales, literally a couple minutes after they started❤️😍 If any of you listen to them, what’s your favourite song… Continue reading ❤️Paramore Concert, Summer Plans and Exams🌞

🙈Blog About My Day🤓

👭I Went Out Everyday For Two Weeks and This Is What Happened🤓

Hello everyone!🌸 I hope you are all doing well! Did you have a good Easter?! Let me know what your favourite Easter Egg is🍫🙆🏻 Usually when it’s back to school time, I meet up with friends on the weekend or on a Friday after school, but seeming as I’m on my Easter holidays I decided… Continue reading 👭I Went Out Everyday For Two Weeks and This Is What Happened🤓

🙈Blog About My Day🤓 · My favourites❤️

👯Showtime & My Favourites💚

Hello everyone❤️  Sorry it has been a while since I’ve blogged, as you know, I have been training a lot lately and just finished my performances✨ It’s fair to say that everyone who took part is definitely missing it😪  The performance included actors, dancers, singers and musicians from all around the city and the daughters… Continue reading 👯Showtime & My Favourites💚