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❤️Korean Favourites🇰🇷

안녕!🤗 Hello!

I am really excited to be making this post as the kast one I did was on Japan!🙈 –> Japan Favourites

 By the way, unlike all my other blog posts, I have not taken the pictures myself (the posts on Japan and this one). My sources were Pinterest, Youtube, Yesstyle and I took a couple myself!

I hope you enjoy💛
First of all, I absolutely adore the language! And I’m so happy to be learning it! 

I love the characters and to be honest, it’s pretty fun to write in Korean! Thankfully one of my bestfriends loves Korean too and I have a lovely Korean penpal❤️

The fashion in Korea is AMAZING and super unique! I wish people in Ireland had a more unique style! These heels are from Yesstyle, one of my favourite online shops (korean brand)😍 Their heels are always so delicate looking and feminine! 

(I actually got this top as I have a similar style to the koreans (being half Chinese and all😂)

Their clothing is made super well and they look very dainty🌸😍 Again, I love their unique style! 

Koreans seem to have the cutest clothing!😍 Although these skirts are super tiny, they still look elegant in a way!

I also love the style of glasses they wear too🤓 

One of my favourite things about Korea is definitely KPOP😍 I feel like not enough people try listening to it and judge it too quickly but EXO and Girls Generation are definitely the best Kpop groups out there😍 (plus, where else can I find guys that have this sense of style??!!😂🙈)

SunnyDahye is one of my favourite youtubers ever! And also I definitely feel inspired by her! She makes amazing vlogs of Korea😍 for example..

Myeongdong + Hongdae 😍🇰🇷 (Seoul)  

The city lights are stunning😍✨🎆 I wish my city looked like this!

The night markets are one of my favourites about the korean cities as well as the layout and look of their shops! Etude House ( famous Korean makeup brand) looks super cute🌸😍

Not to mention the food they sell there too is adorable!
That’s all for my Korean favourites❤️🇰🇷 I hope you enjoyed this post!

I won’t be able to post until next weekend as from Saturday onwards, I’ll have intense dance training ranging from 10am until 11pm 😪😪👯

Thanks for reading🤓



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6 thoughts on “❤️Korean Favourites🇰🇷

  1. Those heels look beautiful! I don’t usually wear heels 😂 but I would make an exception for the brown ones. Korean food always looks so yummy and healthy. Best of luck with your dance training! 💗

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