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🍰My 17th Birthday🎈 What I’ve been up to🤗 & Exciting News📝

Hello everyone🤗

I finally turned 17!!!🎈✨ For once my birthday is on a Friday so I can enjoy the weekend (although I don’t habe anything planned in particular)! Usually my family and I do a little something at home and talk to our family back in France/Hong Kong❤️

I am super thankful for what I have received and thought I would show you just a couple of the gifts, as I really don’t want it to come across as I’m bragging😪

First of all, thank you so much to my best blogging friend Sophie💛❤️ for sending me such a thoughtful package😌 The card was really pretty😍 and you know how much I love notebooks and stationary✏️📒 so thank you very much!!!🌸💋

My Mum kindly gave me this art Pandora charm, which I’m in love with😍🎨 

I also got a silver chain to put it on too😌 art is a big passion of mind, so this charm suited me perfectly💛

My Mum also spent the whole day making this cake🎂 (which I’m very grateful for!!!) We have this Black Forest Gâteau one a year only😍 It’s my absolute favourite😍

I’m not sure what countries have this Chocolatier but they sell the best chocolates😍 the last time I had these was just over 2 years ago😂😍🍫


Lately I have been back to drawing as I had slightly more free time🎨

I loveeee drawing and sketiching with charcoal! It has a magical effect on me✨🤗
I also went to Dublin yesterday! My Dad and his friend opened a new business there and I was happy to take part!

The company is called ‘Bubble Waffle Factory‘ and it’s on South Richmond Street in Dublin! Yesterday was the official opening day hihi ❤️
I had to wake up super early (6am for me is early😂) and the sunrise was stunning🌅

(I love this picture as there were no cars around and the road looked so wide for once😂🚗)

It was absolutely freezing so I brought the thickest blanket I could find and reas a new book I bought called ‘All The Feels’ . I had to buy it! The blurb practically had my name on it😂 to be honest I relate to this book wayyy too much, I might aswell have written it📝😂 here is the blurb! (And yes, acknowledge our very old radio😂🚗)

In the middle of the city there was a pretty canal with loads of swans🕊

I love how lively Dublin is but I find the city wayy to big! It is separated in two (by a bridge), so for example, if I wanted to go go one shop and I realised that the other shop I wanted to go to was across the bridge , it’s quite a far and tiring walk to be constantly going back and forth😂 it would take hours and hours to visit all the shoos in Dublin, unlike Limerick, you can visit them all under one hour😂😌

Nevertheless it was a great trip! I arrived home quite late and still managed to do my chemistry homework at around 11pm…. (even though I missed my double class😂)


I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me and reads my blog posts❤️ it honestly means so much! I can’t believe I have people who read my posts from Japan to Morocco, or from Bulgaria to Venezuela🌏🌎🌍! I also can’t wait to blog a hell lot more this Summer😌💛

I am also very very very excited to announce that…. I AM TRYING TO WRIE A BOOK! Yes I said it! And I am so happy I’m finally achieving this as it is my ultimate dream to have my own book published📝💛 I use this notebook to jot down ideas, plots and character profiles👩🏻👵🏼👨🏽🕵🏻‍♀️👰🏼 I hope to update you from time to time! 
Thanks for reading💋 & have a great weekend🙈


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Insta- bel_oc3 


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