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❤️Korean Favourites🇰🇷

안녕!🤗 Hello! I am really excited to be making this post as the kast one I did was on Japan!🙈 –> Japan Favourites  By the way, unlike all my other blog posts, I have not taken the pictures myself (the posts on Japan and this one). My sources were Pinterest, Youtube, Yesstyle and I took a couple myself!… Continue reading ❤️Korean Favourites🇰🇷

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💋My Daily Makeup Favourites💄

Hello everyone! I am soo annoyed as I just soend an hou wriitng this sot and IT CRASHED and deleted😪 so homestly I’ll be re-writing this psot in anger😣😡 Anyways, Happy SaintPatrick’s Day💚🇮🇪 I’m not going to the parade this year as I want to stay home and relax for the few days I luckily… Continue reading 💋My Daily Makeup Favourites💄

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📷Landscapes from all around Ireland🇮🇪 

Good morning everyone🤗 I recently made a post on the nightlife in Ireland and I know that some of you wanted to see some landscapes! Ireland has many many manyyyy beautiful landscapes and I am lucky to have had the chance to see them! I hope you enjoy these photos I took🇮🇪📷🙆🏻 If you want… Continue reading 📷Landscapes from all around Ireland🇮🇪 

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🍰My 17th Birthday🎈 What I’ve been up to🤗 & Exciting News📝

Hello everyone🤗 I finally turned 17!!!🎈✨ For once my birthday is on a Friday so I can enjoy the weekend (although I don’t habe anything planned in particular)! Usually my family and I do a little something at home and talk to our family back in France/Hong Kong❤️ I am super thankful for what I have… Continue reading 🍰My 17th Birthday🎈 What I’ve been up to🤗 & Exciting News📝