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🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷

Hello everyone!

Happy Sunday✨ 

I was going out for a late night drives and decided to put some of the photos together in a blog post!

I wanted to capture the lighting used around different cities (some pictures might be more blurry than others due to being in a moving car, and some I took blurry intentionally, Which I’ll note) Even though these are completely random pictures to take, I still love the look of them📷

Dublin City 🌃 


(Intentionally blurry) I’m happy I managed to capture the light going around the top of the building this way, as it gives the light a sense that it’s moving or going in some direction.


I like how the bright red light looks against the shining white light on the building🔴⚪️



Childers Road

I liked the different coloured lights reflecting against the window and rain drops💧When I look at this photo I reel like I’m in a haze☀️

The warm lights lit up an empty neighbourhood and I liked the way one bin was coincidentally lying down on the road while the other was standing up beside it (Idk I just appreciate’art’ in all it’s forms😂 even if it’s the layout of a bin!)

This bright, warm light looked like a “burning moon” or a sun ☀️ 

I hope you enjoyed this post as I hope to do more photography blog posts📷🙆🏻

Thanks for reading!💋


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Insta- bel_oc3


7 thoughts on “🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷

  1. Hmm, thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of Ireland, I have never been to Ireland and Don’t know if I will, these pictures are a way to experience what Ireland is like in reality. 🙂

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