😣A little rant due to a big dilemma😪

Hello everyone!

I honestly didn’t feel like bothering all my friends about the same thing I usually worry about, so I thought I’d bring my thoughts to this blog😂

I’m feeling immense pressure to pick a university and for months I can’t decide between studying at the University of Groningen or NUIG in Ireland. I know in my last post I said NUIG was the way to go, but I just discovered this amazing course in Groningen.
I will compare the two courses and it would help a lot if you’d let me know which one you would choose or which path you think I should take! 


With the arts course you pick 3 subjects to study and in your second, third and final year, you drop one of them and carry on learning two.

I would have chosen, English literature, Italian and Spanish and would have dropped English.

In your third year, you work abroad in the country of your chosen language (or half a year in one country -Italy and the other half in Spain) 

You then write your thesis in English for your 4rth year and then, for me, as I want to be an interpreter, I will have to do a one year Master in how to translate.

And for Groningen….

I love the fact that I study more than just the language and that I can minor in different languages such as Russian and Spanish.
Also, my thesis will have to be written in the language I’m learning which is exciting in my opinion! 📝

Instead of a one year Master, I study interpretation in those three years! 

The one issue I have with this is, it only a couple weeeks work experience abroad, unlike NUIG which is a year😪
NUIG and University of Groningen are both student cities but UOG is an international university thats wayyyyy wayyy more affordable but its a bit far from home😪😪

I really want to go to UOG for soo many reasons and one of them is the lifestyle and social life that they have compared to Ireland as well as the fact that most students are from all around the world and I won’t feel like an outsider🌏

On the other hand, if I stay in Ireland my head will explode😫 I’m not Irish and will never have the Irish mindset or social life, which worries me. I also find it much harder to make friends with Irish people than people from different countries (probably because they relate to me more) but I’ll be closer to my parents and brother and I CANT EVEN SPEAK DUTCH?!?!?!!?! 

I find this an extremely hard decision to make?! Do you have any advice?😣
Thanks for reading💋

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5 thoughts on “😣A little rant due to a big dilemma😪

  1. A tough decision!
    You said that one issue about the Groningen course is the few weeks of work experience verses the semester that NUIG has. Well, in UL, study abroad and work experience were compulsory for most courses so I can provide some tips on that. For the language students, going to the country that speaks the language you’re learning is necessary. Pretty much the only work experiences abroad though were teaching English in those countries. Maybe it’s different in NUIG but most of the people I know went to places like Spain to teach English to kids. They were all the kinds of jobs that you can easily get yourself without the help of the university.
    The NUIG course is 4 years plus a year to do the Master’s degree (which brings an extra cost to consider), so that’s a total of five years with one of those years abroad. The Groningen course is 3 years. After doing those 3 years, you could very easily spend a year working somewhere like you would have done if you were doing the NUIG course.
    Did any of that make sense? Sorry if I’m a bit rambley at the moment xD

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    1. ahh thank you SO much🤗🙈 I don’t know why I didn’t think about taking a year for work experience after I finish my 3 years at Groningen🤔😂
      I’m worried about not having a masters in interpretation… do you think that will matter?!😪


      1. Hmmm, not having a master’s degree might matter – everyone seems to want master’s degrees these days. But if you were to looking for work experience and try to an internship that involved interpretation after you finish your degree, that would definitely be to your advantage.

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  2. Tough choices! I was in this position 5 years ago now trying to pick unis. My brother did languages and he loved the 9 months he spent in France and the 3 months he spent in Germany. I know you said about the interpreting being included in one of the courses, but its worth checking jobs to see whether they require a masters degree, as some are more fussy and won’t take in to account the fact you’ve covered it, they’ll want the masters!
    And from my experience when I picked my uni and from what I told everyone on open days, at undergraduate level it is much more about the location than the course. Yes the course is important too, but the most important thing is being in a location you’re happy. If you will feel the want/need to visit family/friends often then stay close, but if you love one location so much more than the other and know you’ll be happy there. If that makes sense, I’d say chose to location you’re most happy with being, somewhere you’ll be happy, the course will take care of itself. I don’t know if that helped or not?


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