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☕️Great coffee shops/places to get drinks in Ireland🇮🇪

Hello everyone!! 

I love spending time with friends catching up in coffee shops or even grabbing a drink and going for walks! I thought I would share with you some of the most popular and my favourite places!🤗

Gloria Jean’s is one of my favourite coffee shops, as you can see! There are so many choices for cold, iced and warm drinks. Anything from white chocolate orea (my favourite😍) or iced coffee, or white hot chocolate to a latte! The place is relaxing although it is always packed! I’m super happy a new one opened in town, when there’s literally another one a couple minutes away! 

The Stormy Teacup (only in Limerick), is a cute, trendy and very relaxing coffee shop (which will be serving wind soon). There are two floors, the bottom one has couches and sofa chairs, upstairs there are low tables, relaxing sofas and chairs also! The music is nice, the place overall looks nice, with the fairy lights and warm fire during the winter time!

They serve all their drinks on a wooden board and put marshmallows in a cute pot☕️

They serve anything from tea (they make their own tea bags) to ferrero hot chocolate (my favourite) 😍 They also sell great food and everything is affordable! 

You can sit outside also but it’s always very busy and hard to find seats!

Moody cow is not a coffee shop as you take the drinks to go! You basically pick a milkshake/hot chocolate and you can choose any chocolate or sweet (I always pick kinder bueno, my brother likes skittles) and they blend it with the milkshake! You can get the drinks in three sizes and you can pick as many chocolates/sweets as you’d like (the more you add the more you pay)! For example, yesterday my friend got a medium mars milkshake with marshmallows and maltesers for €3:50🤗  They also have specials!

Last but not least, Costa! I think this is probably one of the most popular coffee shops in Ireland! They are everywhere☕️ It’s usually packed on the ground/first floor so usually there are more free seats upstairs! You can get any coffee/hot chocolate/cold drinks and food for a little break or lunch too!🤗 I usually get hot chocolate or a cold mint chocolate-chip drink!😌
I highly recommend these places and let me know if you have been!🙈

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Thanks for reading💋



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